How to Beat Mucktorok in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

It's time to clean up Mucktorok's mess.

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You need to beat Mucktorok in Tears of the Kingdom to clear the Zora’s Domain dungeon. As its name hints, this is the monstrosity causing the muck to pollute the waters. How to damage the Mucktorok isn’t entirely obvious to start, but it’s a cinch if you know what to do during this fight.

How to Defeat Mucktorok

  • Like many of the other bosses in TotK, Mucktorok has two phases.
  • There are ways to prepare before triggering this boss battle, such as stocking up on Water affinity items, to make it easier.
  • The main gimmick of this boss is its ability to create muck at will and hinder movement.

Mucktorok Fight Battle Prep

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Mucktorok has a huge aversion to water. Sticking up on Splash Fruits is a good idea, since they give arrows Water affinity. You can even throw them as they are and it washes away pools of muck.

Another great way to have Water-ready attacks is by using a Magic Scepter or Rod. I was fortunate enough to have a scepter already and got the great idea to fuse it with an Opal. With that I made an instant water scepter that is actually a godsend for this boss battle.

Stock up on some healing just in case you take damage as well, but gathering everything listed above makes this fight a cake walk.

Mucktorok Fight Phase One

Mucktorok starts the battle by submerging itself in mud and forming a shark figure that swims around the arena. The only way to damage it like this is to clear off the muck. This is where the water items come into play. One swing of that water scepter instantly clears the muck and makes Mucktorok vulnerable.

If you don’t have the scepter, that’s fine. Sidon’s power grants Link a shield that guards from one hit and shoots a blast of water forward when swinging a melee weapon. Try to aim this at Mucktorok and clean the muck to make him weak.

Mucktorok Fight Phase Two

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After losing half of its health, Mucktorok will initiate its second phase where it spits out puddles of muck to halt your movement. Standing or trying to move in these puddles is a bad idea. If you spend too long fumbling in the muck, Mucktorok will start directly shooting more muck at you. On top of that, Mucktorok will charge you in it’s shark form and that’s nearly impossible to avoid if you are in muck.

If you’re lucky enough to have a water scepter like me here, charging up an attack makes Link shoot out a circle of water that clears a lot of the muck up. You can also use arrows and splash fruits to either shoot Mucktorok or clear up the pools of muck. Using Sidon’s water ability works too, as long as you pay attention to his cooldown.

Use whichever source of water works best for you to clean the sludge and make the boss vulnerable to your attacks then rush in to hit him. Repeat this until the health meter is gone and you’ll win the battle.

After you beat Mucktorok, you’ll save the Zora’s Domain and gain Sidon’s sage ability permanently. Looking for more guides on bosses in Tears of the Kingdom? Click here to get to our guides page.

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