Use these tips & tricks to defeat the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring

How to Beat Yami Bakura in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Use these tips & tricks to defeat the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring

The popular mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links recently kicked off its newest event, dubbed “The Destiny Board of Doom”, on March 23. This event will run throughout the week, and features the final antagonist of the classic series –Yami Bakura.

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This iconic villain can be pretty tough to beat when you face off with him. But we’re here with some tips and tricks to help you deal with the evil spirit and his group of ghastly ghouls.

Tips for Beating Yami Bakura

Collect plenty of dice from other duelists

To participate in the Board of Doom event, you must be at least stage 4. In order to duel Yami Bakura, first you have to collect enough Ten-Sided Dice to challenge him. Ten Sided Dice are obtained by defeating other duelists in Duel World, and the amount you can win increases depending on how high your stage level is. You can also receive 10 additional Ten-Sided Dice twice a day.

How many Ten-Sided Dice you need to challenge Yami Bakura depends on what level he is, and increases with each version. Yami Bakura starts at level 10, which only takes five Ten-Sided Dice. But he has other versions at level 20, 30, and 40 — each of which is unlocked after defeating the previous one. There is also a level 50 version which can only be unlocked once you’ve accumulated an unspecified amount of event points from dueling him.

Once you have collected 200,000 event points, Yami Bakura is unlocked as a playable character.


Pay attention to the time limit

Yami Bakura’s “Destiny Board of Doom” ability does a number of things. It always allows him to go first, gives him the power to automatically win the duel at the end of the player’s fifth turn, and lets him start with “Dark Necrofear” in the graveyard. However, this skill is negated when “Dark Necrofear” is no longer in the graveyard, and it cannot be special summoned from the graveyard either.

The first two abilities are the most important, and a well balanced deck is the best way to deal with them. Since your turns are pretty limited, starting with a bad hand could cost you the duel. At level 10, this time limit isn’t much of a problem since Yami focuses on summoning weaker monsters — but it becomes more apparent as his level increases. At higher levels, sometimes making even one wrong move is enough for him to defeat you.

Use monsters with high ATK and ATK boosting cards

Yami Bakura’s deck is meant to stall time so he can proc his automatic win. With that in mind, a decent strategy is to summon monsters with high ATK as fast as possible.

For lower level monsters, “Jerry Beans Man” (ATK 1750/DEF 0) is always a good choice, as long as it isn’t switched to defense mode. The spell card “Tribute Doll” is a good way to get a strong level seven monster on the field quickly, but it can’t attack when it is first summoned — so it’s best to do this on your first turn if you’re able to.

Using equip spells and other ATK boosting cards is a great method as well. Equip spells such as “Black Pendant” and “Gravity Axe Grarl” to boost your chances of surviving the fight. The spell card “Banner of Courage” is another card which may work in your favor.

Depending on your deck, you could also use a duelist with a skill which allows a field card to be played automatically at the beginning of a duel. For example, you might want to play as Seto Kaiba and use his “Peak Performance” skill when playing with a deck that centers around Dragon-Type or Winged-Beast-Type monsters.


Be wary of effect monsters

At stronger levels, Yami Bakura has a couple of effect monsters you should watch out for. When he’s on the defensive, he likes to set “Electric Lizard”. It’s a good idea to use the “Stop Defense” spell card. But it’s better to do this when you have no monsters on the field, or at least have another monster readily available in your hand — in case he has set “Man-Eater Bug”. Another wise choice in this situation would be “Order to Charge”.

For a more direct approach to dealing with Yami Bakura’s weaker effect monsters, “Wicked Flamberge Baou” is a beneficial equip card. “Baou” provides a 500 point ATK boost to one of your monsters, and can negate the effects of any monster destroyed by the monster which has it equipped.

When he’s on the offensive, typically his strongest card is “Dark Ruler Ha Des”, which can be a lot of trouble if you don’t destroy it right away. 2450 ATK isn’t too hard to deal with if you can get strong monsters and equip cards on the field fast. You could also lower its ATK with trap cards like “Curse of Aging”.

The effect of “Ha Des” can be another problem. It allows Yami Bakura to negate the effects of monsters destroyed in battle with Fiend-Type monsters he controls, and is also a Fiend-Type monster itself.  So let’s say you set a monster which can destroy other monsters by flipping or defeat in battle — due to the effect of “Ha Des,” your monster could get destroyed without getting to activate its own effect.

An alternate method to get rid of “Ha Des” would be to use a spell card like “Block Attack” or “Earthquake” to force it into defense mode, as it only has 1600 DEF. “Shield & Sword” would work to, if you want to do some damage to Yami Bakura’s life points.



Be prepared to counter spell & trap cards

In addition to his special skill and annoying effect monsters, Yami Bakura has some irritating spell and trap cards in his deck as well. Watch out for spell cards like “Soul Exchange”, “Enemy Controller”, and “Exchange”, which he plays to use your own monsters against you. Having cards like “De-Spell” and “Magic Jammer” in your deck could really help fight against these and other troublesome spell cards.

He also has trap cards like “Time Machine”, which brings back one of his recently destroyed monsters to stall for time. “Nobleman of Extermination” is a great way to get rid of “Time Machine” before he gets the chance to activate it, and “Remove Trap” is always a useful spell card to have in your deck. If you feel victory in your grasp, the spell card “Timidity” can prevent him from setting spell or trap cards for a turn — but can be a risky move due to the time limit.

If you have an affinity for Dragon-Type monsters, then “Stamping Destruction” is another fine choice to deal with spell or trap cards, and additionally deals life point damage.


Use his own strategies against him

Another clever move is giving Yami Bakura a taste of his own medicine by using monsters like “Dharc the Dark Charmer” or “Ghost Knight of Jackal” to take his monsters and use them as your own. This method also helps to save time, since you’ll have monsters on your side of the field right away.


There are plenty of other strategies to defeat Yami Bakura, but these are a few  of the most effective methods for dealing with this obnoxious occultist.

“Fear The Deck of Terror! The Destiny Board of Doom” only runs until April 2, so make sure to keep collecting Ten-Sided Dice and dueling  Yami Bakura while you still have the chance. There may not be a way to obtain some of his rare cards or unlock him as a playable character in the future.

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