Pokemon GO has a new ranked buddy system. Here's how to rank your Pokemon to the max rank.

How to Become the Best Buddy to Your Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO has a new ranked buddy system. Here's how to rank your Pokemon to the max rank.

Taking your favorite Pokemon along with you in Pokemon GO has always been the best way to show off and train your best buddy. Now that Pokemon GO has a freshly revamped buddy system, you can earn bonuses and new features as you rank up your buddy level together.

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Below, we go over everything you need to know about the improved system. 

How to Become the Best Buddy With Your Pokemon in Pokemon Go

There are four buddy ranks that a Pokemon can achieve in Pokemon GO as you spend time with them. Your Pokemon starts at Good Buddy, and eventually makes their way up to Best Buddy. When a Pokemon achieves the Best Buddy rank, they get a CP boost and a special Best Buddy ribbon.

But how do you get your ‘mon to the Best Buddy rank? 

As you walk around with your ‘mon every day, you’ll notice that there are several hearts on the main buddy screen that you need to fill in. Here are the different tasks you may need to do to fill in your daily hearts and work toward Best Buddy rank.

Walk Together

When Pokemon GO is open on your mobile device, your distance walked contributes to the buddy score of your Pokemon. Walking around with your ‘mon gradually increases their score toward the Best Buddy rank.

Feed It Treats

You can throw berries to your Pokemon in Pokemon GO, much like you can in Pokemon Let’s Go. Throwing your Pokemon berries to eat will increase their Pokemon buddy score and contribute to increasing their rank.

Play Around

Also making a comeback from Pokemon Let’s Go is the partner play system, which allows you to use the capacitive touchscreen on your mobile device display to gently pat and pet your Pokemon with your finger.

Battle Together

Battling your buddy Pokemon against other Pokemon in gyms, raids, trainer battles or even against Team GO Rocket will gradually increase their score.

Take Photos Together

You can use AR+ to snap live-scale photos of your Pokemon. Doing so will net you a cool photo with a Pokemon overlaid on top of the real world, and it will also help you achieve Best Buddy rank with your Pokemon.

Visit New Locations Together

You can contribute toward your Pokemon’s buddy score by spinning PokeStops and gyms that you’ve never previously spun before.

Earn Bonuses

Once your Pokemon achieves the second buddy rank, Great Buddy, they’ll begin giving you presents every so often. Upon receiving a present or a souvenir from your Pokemon, their buddy score will increase.

You have to keep your buddy Pokemon fed, or they will return to their Pokeball. Additionally, the best way to use your time is by filling up hearts!

That’s it for our tips for becoming the Best Buddy to your Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Be sure to check out our other Pokemon GO guides for more tips and tricks to keep you at the top of your game!

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