Wondering how to destroy those pesky rock walls holding you back from exploring the New World in Biomutant? Here's how to dot it.

How to Break Biomutant Rock Walls

Wondering how to destroy those pesky rock walls holding you back from exploring the New World in Biomutant? Here's how to dot it.

Have you found yourself getting stuck by Biomutant rock walls, blocking you from advancing? These walls can be broken down, but they require a specific item earned from a certain quest.

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This Biomutant rock walls guide will walk you through unlocking this item, and detail how to break rock walls on your quest through the New World.

How to Break Rock Walls in Biomutant

How to Unlock the Klonkfist

To unlock the Old World Klonkfist, which you need to break walls, you must first reach the “The Tribe War Begins” quest. This is a main quest in the story, so you need not worry about missing it. It begins quite early on in the game. This quest will bring you underground and introduce you to your first rival faction of the game. 

The quest opens with you needing to find and meet your war party, who is on their way to infiltrate the rival tribe. It is during this beginning part of the quest that you can find the Old World Klonkfist.

When you enter the underground area, your first waypoint will be a door to your immediate left. Go through this door to enter a room, where the Klonkfist can be found mounted on the opposite wall.

Immediately after grabbing your new weapon, your next mission is to “Klonk the wall.” Exit the room and follow the path to the next waypoint, where you’ll learn how to use the Klonkfist.

Breaking down Biomutant rock walls is easy enough, just requiring the Old World Klonkfist item. Approach the wall you wish to destroy and hold down the melee input, then release it to destroy the wall. This will be:

  • Right mouse click on PC
  • X on Xbox
  • Square on PlayStation

Not all architecture is destructible, but ones that can be destroyed are done as easily as that.

It will take a few attacks to break the wall, but you’ll be able to see what exactly these sorts of destructible walls look like, so you can identify them easily in your later adventures.

How to Upgrade the Klonkfist to Break Stronger Walls

Some walls are a bit harder to break than others, requiring you to first upgrade your Klonkfist to Level 2. This is done by completing the “High Voltage” side quest a bit later in the game, offered by an NPC named Klick.

First, head to the underground section in Sludgegush Fields and attempt to break the destructible wall at the bottom of the stairs. You will be told that your Klonkfist is too weak and to find Klick so you can “stronken the Klonkfist.”

Head to Anywhere to meet Klick and talk with him. He will give you the “High Voltage” quest. THen head to the Zapstation to begin.

Flip the switch to activate the power, then follow the blue ball of electricity moving around on the ground. Stay near it long enough to charge the metal. Repeat this process three times, fighting the odd enemy in between. Collect your rewards, then return to Klink to cash in and upgrade your Klonkfist. You can now destroy all destructible walls in the game. 

That’s how you break Biomutant rock walls. For more on THQ’s post-apocalyptic RPG, consider heading over to our Biomutant guides page!

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