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How to Break Into the Bank in #Blud

The bank hides a simple side-quest in #Blud. But how exactly do you break in?

#Blud has plenty of optional side content, from collecting tokens and feeding dogs to, yes, robbing a bank. Most of those activities take place in the second half of the game when #Blud’s open world opens up significantly. The bank robbery, for example, is available starting in Chapter 6. So, here’s how to break into the bank in #Blud.

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#Blud: How to Break Into the Bank

You might need to follow a few preliminary steps before breaking into the bank. This little quest line might not be fully necessary, but you’re not supposed to know about the bank’s secret before finishing it, so I suggest you follow the instructions in order.

First off, you need to get to Chapter 6. Then, you need to finish the mall section of this chapter by following the main quest as normal.

If you don’t want to miss out on the side quests in this chapter, make sure to:

  • Feed the dog in Becky’s neighborhood
  • Continue the side quest by stocking on watermelons
  • Talk to your dad and do the household chores

Unlike the other side quests, doing chores around the house is mandatory. You need all the rotten Halloween pumpkins you can find for the next phase.

How to Enter the Bank

The inside of a vault in #Blud. The door to the bank's vault is covered in colored gems.
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Once you finish the mall section of Chapter 6, you’ll be directed to #Blud’s hospital. The main entrance is blocked by the receptionist, so you’ll have to sneak from the back. Here, you’ll find the goat you fought not long ago, along with a kid who is trying to befriend it. He’ll trade the old pumpkins you have with you for a secret. As it turns out, the back of the downtown bank is extremely brittle.

Knowing this, breaking into the bank shouldn’t be a problem. Just bomb the back wall with a cherry bomb. Once inside, you’ll find one of those weird structures made of six blue obelisks. Just like last time, you’ll have to switch the color of the right obelisks to unlock its secret. Luckily, the bank isn’t so good at keeping the solution to itself.

Walk into the bank from the front door, and soon, you’ll see a familiar pattern. Around the vault’s doors are six stones, pink and blue. This is the pattern: the left and right pillars are green, and everything else is pink. Imitating this pattern inside the bank will reveal a chest containing a hearth piece. Collect three of those, and your life bar will be extended by one heart.

That’s how to break into the bank in #Blud. For more guides like this, visit our #Blud guide hub.

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