Here's how to buy the Valorant Battle Pass. We also break down how it works and what rewards it has in store.

How to Buy the Valorant Battle Pass

Here's how to buy the Valorant Battle Pass. We also break down how it works and what rewards it has in store.

From Destiny 2 to Rainbow Six Siege, Doom Eternal to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, tons of games have battle passes these days. Now, Riot Games’ free-to-play team-based FPS Valorant joins the list fresh out of beta. If you’re wondering how to buy the Valorant Battle Pass, we’ll tell you below. It’s super simple. 

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We’ll talk about how the Battle Pass breaks down, including what the development team means by Valorant Episodes and Acts. We’ll also go over the rewards and goodies available in the Valorant Battle Pass, outlining the skins and buddies you’ll get for your agents along the way. 

How to Buy the Valorant Battle Pass

Buy the Valorant Battle Pass by purchasing Valorant Points.

The Valorant Battle Pass for its first season is called Ignition: Act I, and it has free and premium tiers. The premium version costs $10 — or 1,000 Valorant Points. 

Before you can purchase the Battle Pass, however, you’ll need to start the Valorant game download. It’s free, and you can nab it here. The full game is 7.9GBs, and luckily, it doesn’t require a beast of rig to run.

If you already have a Riot account, all you have to do is log in and start downloading the game. If you don’t have a Riot account, you’ll have to make one before you can start playing. 

From the main screen, click the Valorant Points icon just to the right of “Store” in the top navigation bar. It’s highlighted in red in the screenshot above. 

Next, buy 1,000 Valorant Points for $9.99. That will give you enough to purchase the Battle Pass. Now go back to the main screen and click the star icon to the left of “Home” in the top navigation bar. It’s highlighted in green in the screenshot above. 

Click “Premium Upgrade” in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, and you’ll purchase the Battle Pass. 

How Does the Valorant Battle Pass Work? 

Riot explains that the Battle Pass is broken up into Episodes and Acts, which roughly correlate to Seasons in Fortnite and Modern Warfare. Similarly, Acts last for about as long as they do in those two games: two months. 

There are 50 tiers and 10 chapters to get through. The premium track has more rewards than the free version, and the only way to get the Pass’ premium rewards is to complete the premium track. 

Per Riot: 

You can progress through all 10 Chapters without going Premium, however, you won’t unlock the 5 items within the Premium tiers. You can always go Premium and retroactively unlock the rewards you earned while on the free path.

What’s in the Valorant Ignition Act 1 Battle Pass? 

There a various premium and free skins and buddies in the Valorant Season Pass.

Below, we go over all of the rewards for the Premium Pass first. Then we go over all of the rewards for the Free Pass. These include skins, buddies, Radianite Points, cards, and more. 

Premium Pass Rewards by Tier

  • Tier 1: Kingdom Bucky
  • Tier 2: GL Have Cat Buddy x2
  • Tier 3: Radianite Points x10
  • Tier 4: Ascent Card
  • Tier 5: Kingdom Spectre
  • Tier 6: Explorgi Spray
  • Tier 7: Crate Buddy x2
  • Tier 8: Radianite Points x10
  • Tier 9: Reyna ID Card
  • Tier 10: Couture Bulldog
  • Tier 11: Classic Schema Card
  • Tier 12: Danger Spray
  • Tier 13: Radianite Points x10
  • Tier 14: Cheesed Buddy x2
  • Tier 15: Couture Stinger
  • Tier 16: Couture Frenzy
  • Tier 17: Camper Spray
  • Tier 18: What Ancient Mystery Card
  • Tier 19: Radianite Points x 10
  • Tier 20: Couture Marshal
  • Tier 21: Excuse Me? Spray
  • Tier 22: Radianite Points x 10
  • Tier 23: Donut Buddy x2
  • Tier 24: Lights Out Spray
  • Tier 25: Kingdom Phantom
  • Tier 26: Cheesy Hot Spray
  • Tier 27: Radianite Points x 10
  • Tier 28: GG Shooter Spray
  • Tier 29: Spectre Schema Card
  • Tier 30: Dot Exe Odin
  • Tier 31: Valorant Mascot Card
  • Tier 32: Radianite Points x10
  • Tier 33: Pizza Buddy x2
  • Tier 34: FTW Spray
  • Tier 35: Dot Exe Ghost
  • Tier 36: Vandal Life Spray
  • Tier 37: Bullet Buddy x2
  • Tier 38: Sunrise Card
  • Tier 39: Radianite Points x10
  • Tier 40: Dot Exe Judge
  • Tier 41: Radianite Points x10
  • Tier 42: Op Schema Card
  • Tier 43: Lethal Crosshait Spray
  • Tier 44: Radianite Crate Buddy
  • Tier 45: Dot Exe Vandal
  • Tier 46: Fist Bump Spray
  • Tier 47: Ascent Rising Buddy
  • Tier 48: Vertraulich Card
  • Tier 49: Radianite Points x10
  • Tier 50: Kingdom Melee

Free Pass Rewards by Tier

  • Tier 5: Looking For Group Card
  • Tier 5: Team Player Card
  • Tier 10: EP1 2020 Coin Buddy
  • Tier 15: Radianite Points x 10
  • Tier 15: Day One Card
  • Tier 20: Salt Shaker Spray
  • Tier 25: Radianite Points x10
  • Tier 25: MMXX Founder Card
  • Tier 30: Radianite Crystal Buddy
  • Tier 35: Radianite Points x 10
  • Tier 35: Lone Wolf Card
  • Tier 40: Tactibear Spray
  • Tier 45: Toaster Buddy
  • Tier 50: MMXX EP1 Card
  • Tier 50: Kingdom Classic

Riot has said that as of now, old Battle Pass content will not be available when Valorant moves into a new Act. It appears that the team is open to changing that, but rewards will be much harder to receive if that does eventually happen. 

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That’s it on how to buy the Valorant Battle Pass, as well as how it works and the rewards you’ll get for leveling it up. For more on the new free-to-play team-based shooter from Riot Games, be sure to check out the links above, including our best agents tier list. 

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