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How to Capture & Breed Animals in Soulmask

Start your own animal farm and harvest endless materials and food items!

Besides just hunting animals for food and materials in Soulmask, you can also capture them and tame them. This way, you’ll have a constant supply of all their precious resources directly from camp. Here’s how you can capture them and breed them.

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How to Tame Animals in Soulmask

Rather than heading out and hunting down all the animals you need, you can have a constant supply directly at your camp by setting up a coop or pen for the animals and breeding them. However, to do so, you’ll need to use a trap to capture them and bring them back first.

To begin capturing animals, you’ll need to unlock the Animal Breeding technology (Pens, Traps, and Feed Processing) in your Knowledge & Technology menu. It is within the Dawn of the New Tribe branch, and they cost one Tech Point each. With these unlocked, you can now craft the items you need for your animals.

How to Make and Set a Trap

Once you have that technology unlocked, you can make a trap on a Building Workshop. A Small Trap and a Medium trap will allow you to catch all the available animals. Here’s how to make them and what animals they will work for:

Small TrapBranch x20
Clay x10
Thick Rope x5
Turkeys, Parrots, and Monkeys
Medium TrapHardwood x15
Plank x5
Thatch x20
Thick Rope x5
Capybaras, Alpacas, Llamas, Jaguars, and Snow Leopards

When you’re done crafting your traps, look around for a spot to set them up. You’ll want it where you see the desired animal wandering a lot. It doesn’t need to be near your camp. However, it will start deteriorating over time if it isn’t in your camp radius (that’s okay because you always repair it). In that spot, select the trap from your inventory and place it down on the ground, just like any other build item.

Once it’s set down, you’ll need to place some bait items in it before you can start capturing anything. The type of bait you put in will determine which animals are attracted to it. You can see what bait works for each animal in your Hunting Gallery, but you’ll need to kill at least one first. Drag the food/bait item into the trap and then clear out.

You’ll have to give the animal some time to wander to the trap. Try not to be too close or in their eyesight or noise range because you can scare them away if you’re not careful. After a little while, check back on the trap, and you’ll be able to see if something was caught or not. If there is, approach, and you’ll have the option to pick up the animal.

After an animal is caught in the trap, you’ll need to carry it back to your camp and put it in a pen, coop, or fenced-in area. The trap you used will break, and you must repair it before catching anything else.

How to Breed Animals

After you catch an animal, you can bring it back to your camp to take care of it and breed it. However, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper housing for each animal first, which you can craft on a Building Workshop as well.

There are three different types of animal pens, specifically for breedable animals. The larger animals that can be used as mounts don’t have pens or coops. Instead, you can keep them secure just with fences. These are the pens you can make:

Capybara PenPlank x78
Thatch x49
Thick Rope x20
Turkey CoopPlank x30
Branch x20
Thick Rope x20
Parrot RackBranch x30
Hardwood Plank x15
Thick Rope x10

With these pens made, you can bring your caught animals to them and place them inside. To do this, walk over to the pen, find the door on the side, walk in, and press R to put the animal down inside. Just be sure to close the door behind you to make sure the animal stays inside.

The process of breeding can be done only if you have one male and one female animal in the pen together. You can hover over the animals to see what gender it is. Doing this will also tell you how happy they are with their food and water. Your animals won’t provide materials or babies unless they have the proper food and water.

How to Feed and Hydrate Animals

The animal pens that you made above will automatically have feed and water troughs on them (for other animals, you’ll need to make separate troughs at the Building Workshop). To feed and hydrate your animals, approach the troughs and place the food or water inside.

How to Put Water in Trough

To get water, you’ll need a Water Bucket, which you can make at the Carpentry Table. That way, you can approach a nearby water source, whether that be a river or a Well, fill it up, and pour it into the trough.

To make the Water Bucket, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Plank x10
  • Copper Wire x2
  • Wooden Handle x2

How to Make All Animal Foods

Each animal has a specific type of food that they want. Although you can put the same types of food you used as bait, there are better foods to give them called Feed. To make them, you’ll need a Cooking Stove. Here are the ingredients for all of them:

Turkey FeedPoisonous Bug x2
Locust x2
(Optional: Corn Flour x2, Potato x2, Frozen Potato x2)
Alpaca FeedCorn x2
(Additional: Fiber x20, Vine x20, Thatch x20)
Parrot FeedQuinoa x2
Corn Flour x2
Capybara FeedPotato x2
Frozen Potato x2
(Additional: Fiber x20, Vine x20, Thatch x20)
Ostrich FeedCorn x2
(Additional: Fiber x20, Vine x20, Thatch x20)
Llama FeedCorn x2
(Additional: Fiber x20, Vine x20, Thatch x20)

Once you make the feed, you can place it inside the trough on the animal’s pen or at your camp’s individual trough. Make sure to keep restocking it as needed or assign a Tribesman to do it.

If your animals are well taken care of, they’ll provide you with all the materials you need. They’ll also start to develop and get bigger, as well as breed more animals for you to take care of. It’s an essential process for staying stocked on food and other animal materials.

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