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How to Catch Fish in Soulmask

Catch some fish for an endless food supply!

If you’re looking for an easy food source for your cooking in Soulmask, fish is a great option. However, unlike other survival games where you catch them with a fishing pole, you’ll need to get more crafty. Here’s how to catch all the different types of fish.

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Soulmask Fishing Guide — How to Get Fish

Although you don’t use a fishing rod to catch fish in Soulmask, there are still other ways you can go about it, and they’re a great, easy source of food you can keep farming for your camp. Instead of a fishing rod, you’ll use Fishing Traps.

You must go to your Knowledge & Technology menu (Y on your keyboard) to unlock the ability to craft Fishing Traps. From there, you’ll find the Animal Breeding tech in the Dawn of the New Tribe category. You’ll want to unlock the Fishing Trap from the Trap tech. It’ll cost you only one tech point to unlock it.

How to Craft Fishing Traps

Once you have the recipe unlocked, you can craft Fishing Traps anytime and anywhere by opening your Inventory crafting menu. You can quickly type in the search bar to pull it up.

You’ll need the following materials to make them:

  • Branch x5
  • Leather x5
  • Thick Rope x19

With your newly crafted Fishing Traps, you can catch all the fish types in the game. Your next step will be finding the right source of water to place your traps in.

How to Place Fishing Traps

You can place your traps in any type of water, as long as it’s not too deep. However, I found that I caught more fish at rivers, ponds, or lakes, than I did at the beach. You can sometimes swim down under the water to detect if there are any fish in it. This is a good way to know if you’re placing your traps in the right spot.

The biome or area where you place the trap and the bait you put in it will determine what fish breed you’ll catch. For example, placing the traps in a jungle area will most likely allow you to catch Piranha. All the catchable fish types currently confirmed are Piranha, Catfish, and Koi.

To place your trap, put in your Shortcut slots for easier access. Then, approach the water source, but stay toward the shallow end near the land. Select the trap from your Shortcut slot and hover over the shallow water until you see the outline of the trap turn white. This means you can place it down.

Click M1 to place the trap in that spot. Now that it’s placed, you’ll want to add bait. Hold E on the trap to open its inventory. Now, drag the bait over to the empty slot. Depending on what fish you want to catch, you’ll want to place different baits: These are the ones I’ve figured out work so far:

  • Piranha: Blood, Meat
  • Catfish: Locust, Poisonous Bug
  • Koi Fish: Locus, Poisonous Bug

How to Capture Fish

With your traps placed and baited, you’ll eventually start getting some fish in them. Be patient, though. It can take some time. Piranhas are the fastest fish to catch because they will actually attack you. You can lead them right into the trap to catch them — the others, you’ll have to wait until they wander in on their own.

When a fish is caught in the trap, you’ll be able to see it lying inside it. Approach them and you’ll have the option to pick them up (or you can harvest the meat directly from them while in the trap).

How to Harvest Fish Meat

The best way to harvest fish meat is to slaughter the fish directly from the trap. Rather than picking up the fish, take out your Butcher’s Knife and hit them with it while they’re immobilized in the trap.

Keep hitting with a knife until the fish disappears, and you’ll get a bunch of fish meat from them. Alternatively, you can pick up the fish and place them back down in the water or in a pond at your camp and choose the Slaughter option on them at a later point.

How to Breed Fish

If you want to keep having fish meat to cook with, then you’ll want to make your own fish pond where you can breed the fish. This way, you won’t have to worry about checking your trap constantly (especially if your base isn’t near water). You can make a Piranha Pond to store your Piranhas in at your camp.

To make one, you’ll need to unlock it from your Knowledge & Technology under the Premium Breeding tech. Then, you can craft it on a Building Workshop Level 1, with the following materials:

  • Water Consumption x950
  • Stone Brick x48
  • Hardwood Plank x19
  • Hardwood Handle x10
  • Thin Rope x19

Once you craft it, place it down at your farm. Then, catch the Piranhas in your traps and press “Capture” to pick them up and bring them back to the pool. Place them down in the pool to keep them. You’ll need one male and one female to start breeding and making more fish.

Fish can be cooked into many different recipes, and they’re an easy source of food to farm, especially if you make a pool at your camp. Make a bunch of traps and start collecting them!

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