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How to Change Character & Pawn Appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here's how to change the appearance of your Arisen and main pawn as well as their inclination.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has one of the most detailed visual character customization options in RPGs. Therefore, you might want to change or alter your appearance or that of a pawn from time to time. Here’s how to change character and pawn appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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How to Change Character Appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2

When it comes to changing the appearance of your Arisen, there are two methods:

  • Clovis’ Barberie: Talking to Clovis at her shop west of the Pawn’s Guild allows you to alter cosmetic aspects of your character in various ways and for different prices. Though I find the prices steep in the early stages of the game, she offers the following options:
    • Change Hairstyle: 10,000 Gold.Adjust Makeup: 10,000 Gold.Give Markings: 10,000 Gold.
    • Change Multiple: 25,000 Gold.
  • Art of Metamorphosis: You can also change your entire look by buying the Art of Metamorphosis tome for 500 RC from Neomith at the Pawn’s Guild. Take this consumable item to Clovis at her Barberie and select the Change Appearance option to alter your entire look.
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As you can see, the Clovis option is for when you have an abundance of gold, while the Art of Metamorphosis method costs RC, which you get when someone hires your pawn. If you have the RC, I prefer the Art of Metamorphosis since it allows you to change your entire appearance instead of just specific cosmetic categories.

How to Change Pawn Appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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There is currently only one way to change pawn appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This is through the Art of Metamorphosis tome, which you can buy from Neomith at the Pawn’s Guild. Once you buy it for 500 RC, take your pawn to Clovis’ Barberie and select the Change Appearance option for your pawn.

How to Change Pawn Inclination in Dragon’s Dogma 2

If your main pawn’s behavior during exploration and combat doesn’t suit your playstyle, you can change their inclination just as easily as their appearance. To change pawn inclination:

  • Go to the Pawn’s Guild in Vernworth.
  • Talk to Neomith.
  • Select Buy.
  • Purchase the Ambivalent, Kindhearted, Calm, Simple, or Straightforward Rift Incense for RC, depending on your preferred inclination.
  • I discovered they’re only usable in camp, so go outside of the city.
  • Find any campfire and set up camp.
  • Select your chosen Rift Incense.

While the Rift Incense RC prices can be steep early on, they’ll automatically change your main pawn’s behavior without penalty. Note that you cannot change the inclination of the side pawns you hire.

That concludes my guide on how to change character and pawn appearance in Dragon’s Dogma 2. For more Dragon’s Dogma 2 guides, check out how to enhance equipment or the best pawns to hire.

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