How to Change Characters in Dynasty Warriors 9

Here's how to switch your character in Dynasty Warrior 9.

Here's how to switch your character in Dynasty Warrior 9.

Let’s just start by getting the elephant out of the room: Dynasty Warriors 9 is pure garbage. It is an utter mess, and it shouldn’t have been released in the state that it is in. With that being said, here is the way you change characters in Dynasty Warriors 9.

To begin your character swap, you first have to leave the current game you are in and go to the main menu. When you are in the main menu, you have to start a new game, whether it is the story or free mode, depending on what you were playing. Do note that there is only one save game for both story mode and free mode, so tread lightly when picking the mode to change your character.

When you do this and change your character, you will still be in the same chapter you left off in before changing your character, just probably not in the same place as you left off. Also, all your characters share the same inventory, so you don’t have to worry about losing items when switching to a new character.

Switching characters shouldn’t be this much of a hassle, but this is what happens when you make a bad game like Dynasty Warriors 9. If you’re sticking with this game and want to know the basics, be sure to check out our Dynasty Warriors 9 tips and tricks guide.

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