How to Change Zygarde’s Forme in Pokemon GO

If you want Zygarde Complete Forme, this guide will tell you how to get there.

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Zygarde has made its Pokemon GO debut. Catchable as a Pokemon Encounter at the end of Special Research From A to Zygarde stage three, you’ll also become equipped to collect Zygarde Cells. As it gets more cells, Zygarde becomes stronger, said to even rival the strength of other legendaries in its lore. Here’s how to change Zygarde’s Forme in Pokemon GO.

How to Change Zygarde’s Forme

  • Zygarde has three Formes in total.
  • You’ll need 250 total Zygarde Cells to progress it to its Complete Forme.

When you finish Special Research From A to Zygarde stage 3, you’ll obtain the Zygarde Cube. This item lets you store Zygarde Cells, allowing you to collect them while you explore. This is also the time to catch it in its10% Forme. Zygarde has two more forms: 50% Forme and Complete Forme.

How to Get Zygarde Cells

Once you have your Zygarde Cube, it’s time to get some Zygarde Cells while adventuring on Routes. Following a Route is the only way to find Zygarde Cells. If there are no Routes near you, you’ll need to create your own if you want to power it up.

Fifty Zygarde Cells will get you to Zygarde 50% Forme, which is the serpent like form. You’ll need to collect 250 total Zygarde Cells to have your Zygarde go from 10% Forme to Complete Forme. Once you have the necessary cells in your cube, Zygarde will transform its shape automatically.

That’s all there is to know about changing Zygarde’s form in Pokemon GO. For more event guides, information on routes or battling Raid Pokemon, check out our ever-growing guide hub.

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