How to Check Monopoly GO! Server Status

Here's how to check the server status for Monopoly GO! if you're having trouble connecting to the game.

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Just like other mobile titles that require an online connection, this capitalistic game can experience server disruptions, causing it to function improperly. If you’re running into issues, this is how to check the server status in Monopoly GO!

Are Monopoly GO! Servers Down? How to Check Server Status

If you’re struggling with issues in Monopoly GO!, it could be that the servers are down or are encountering problems. While not always the case, checking the server status should be your first stop when attempting to solve problems that may occur.

Check the Monopoly GO! Social Media Channels

The best way to check is to head to the official Facebook or X (formerly Twitter) pages to look for an announcement. If the servers crashed or had to be taken down for maintenance, it’s highly likely a message for players was posted. This is especially true if a vast majority of people are completely unable to play the game and voice their concerns on social media.

Image via Scopely, Inc.

Check for Known Issues

Another avenue is the Known Issues support page, which includes Live Issues affecting service. It gets updated in real time. I noticed it was last updated 15 minutes before writing this guide to include error messages and the frequent crashing you may be experiencing. It also lists other major problems currently under investigation by the dev team, so it’s a good idea to bookmark the page for any future problems.

Check Gamebezz

Those are all the official channels the team at Monopoly GO! will utilize when there are changes to the server status. A great third-party website, however, is Gamebezz, which quickly shows you if the servers are down, what parts of the gaming experience are impacted, and how many issue reports have been made.

Other Troubleshooting Tips

As with anything server-related, problems aren’t likely to be on your end. However, if you still can’t connect and there aren’t any official messages, alerts, or comments, it’s good to test your internet connection. Reset your router if connected to Wi-Fi, and make sure you have a good Wi-Fi and/or data signal.

That’s how to check the Monopoly GO! server status, if the servers are down, and what potential issues are occurring in the game. If you find that your issue isn’t listed — or your the only one experiencing an error — it’s wise to send in a support ticket for further assistance. For other game help, however, check out our guides hub.

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