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How to Complete Guest Fighter Challenge in MultiVersus

Get this challenge completed so you can collect XP and Fighter Points!

Completing challenges is one of the best ways to level up fast in MultiVersus. However, you may have hit a roadblock with the Training challenge to “complete three matches with a guest fighter.” This is a confusing challenge, but we have the details to complete it right here.

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How to Complete Three Matches With Guest Fighter in MultiVersus

I was able to complete the Guest Fighter MultiVersus challenge simply by playing the Multiversal Mayhem! and doing the very first level against The Joker. I’m not sure if the character you choose actually matters that much, but I chose Wonder Woman. Since I had just finished the tutorial levels with Batman, I had already completed 2/3 of them. After winning the battle against The Joker in the Multiversal Mayhem level, I had 3/3, and my challenge was ready to claim.

You’ll get 200 XP and 250 Fighter Points for getting this challenge done and dusted. Hopefully, this method will work for you as well as it did for me. If you don’t have 2/3 of the challenge done yet, try doing The Joker level three times to see if you’ll gain progress each time.

Why is the Guest Fighter Challenge So Confusing?

Guest Fighter challenge is one of the Training challenges of MultiVersus that many players have been struggling with. If you’re brand-new, you’ll complete a brief Tutorial before arriving at the main lobby screen. You’ll notice after doing so that 2/3 of the challenge is already complete. However, how to finish off the rest of it isn’t quite clear.

A guest character suggests a character that isn’t a WB-owned character. Most of the characters in the game are owned, or even partially owned, by WB, which makes narrowing it down very tricky. Some players were thinking Jason was the only exclusion to this, but he’s actually partially owned by them as well.

Without the confusing ‘guest character’ lingo in your head, there is one simple way you can go about completing the challenge.

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