Stuck on the final quest in the Assassin's Festival event for FFXV? This guide has the solution!

How to Complete In Search of Truth and Treasure in FFXV

Stuck on the final quest in the Assassin's Festival event for FFXV? This guide has the solution!
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Final Fantasy XV‘s Assassin’s Festival, the Assassin’s Creed crossover event, is in full swing now — and there’s plenty of loot to be had! To complete it, you’ll have to beat the last quest: In Search of Truth and Treasure. Be prepared though, this comes with a puzzle to solve!

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Can’t figure it out? Don’t worry! In this FFXV guide, we’ll go over the solution for this final quest so you can claim your prize.

Puzzle Solution for “In Search of Truth and Treasure” Quest

The overall theme of this quest line is that certain colors denote untruths. Essentially, anything written in purple is false. You will need to make your way back to the Lightning board. Reread the instructions and follow them again — ignoring the purple-shaded part.

After following these steps, you should find a note posted on a pole. It reads:

The treasure is lost
Venture not toward the moon

Remember, purple is false, so don’t listen to the note — do the opposite of what it says. Head for the moon symbol and speak with the guy there. Answer his question with any choice, and the butterfly icons on your map screen will have changed.

All you have to do now is go to the Sun board, proceed to the alley shop, and finally sell the Pendant of Truth. Return to the man near the moon symbol and select Purple as your answer. Walk to the end of the alley to complete the quest and get your reward: the Medjay Assassin’s Shield.

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