Final Fantasy XV Guide: Techniques Ascension Grid

Check this guide out for all the info on Techniques Ascension skills in Final Fantasy XV!

The Ascension Grid, or Nexus, is how you unlock new skills, passive abilities, and other bonuses to help you on your journey in Final Fantasy XV. There are 9 total grids, which all give bonuses to something specific. Some of them benefit each other, while others stand alone. 

The Techniques Ascension Grid gives bonuses to your allies' techniques, as well as grants them new ones. These will give your team a bigger variety of moves to use in combat and can greatly change the way you battle. I'm going to explain the choices you have, and give tips on which to get first.

This guide will go over everything about the Techniques Ascension Grid including:

  • Techniques Skills - Each Techniques skill and what they do.
  • Techniques Suggestions - Which skills you should focus on first. 

Techniques Skills

I'm going to break the grid up into different categories. Each skill will be a bullet point and skills that come later in a tree will be indented.

Tech Bar

  • Tech Strike (48 AP) - Add to the tech bat when Noctis lands attacks.
    • Tech Damage (99 AP) - Add to the tech bar when Noctis suffers damage.
    • Quick Tech (333 AP) - Accelerates tech bar replenish rate.


  • Dawnhammer (8 AP) - Deal heavy damage to a single enemy with a Greatsword slash. Depletes tech bar by 2.
    • Cyclone (18 AP) - Deal damage to nearby enemies with a fearsome shield shockwave. Depletes tech bar by 2.
    • Royal Guard (18 AP) - Move to quickly guard Noctis with a shield. Depletes tech bar by 1.
    • Impulse (72 AP) - Ambush enemies with a frontal, sweeping greatsword area attack. Depletes tech bar by 3.
    • Limit Break (999 AP) - Breaks the limit on damage from Gladio's techniques.


  • Regroup (8 AP) - Brings all allies together, rescues them from danger, an restores HP quickly. Depletes tech bar by 2.
    • Overwhelm (18 AP) - Concentrate ally attacks on a foe with Deathblow strikes. Depletes tech bar by 2.
    • Enhancement (18 AP) - Imbue Noctis' weapon with the element his target is weakest to. Depletes tech bar by 1.
    • Sagefire (72 AP) - Unleash a devastating attack with daggers. Depletes tech bar by 3.
    • Limit Break (999 AP) - Breaks the limit on damage from Ignis' techniques.


  • Starshell (8 AP) - Draw enemy attention across a wide area with a firearm. Weakens daemons. Depletes tech bar by 1.
    • Recoil (18 AP) - Deal heavy damage with machinery by overloading its energy output. Depletes tech bar by 2.
    • Gravisphere (18 AP) - Draw enemies in an area close together with machinery by creating a gravitational field. Depletes tech bar by 2.
    • Trigger-Happy (72 AP) - Unleash a barrage at multiple enemies with a pair of firearms. Depletes tech bar by 3.
    • Limit Break (999 AP) - Breaks the limit on damage from Prompto's techniques.

Techniques Suggestions

final fantasy xv gladio techniques

You definitely want the Limit Break on everyone so that you can go beyond the 9999 damage cap, but it costs a lot and won't be needed until endgame. 

Gladio does a lot of damage with his initial Dawnhammer and will be hitting damage cap early, so I suggest getting the Limit Break on him first.

The first thing I would get is Regroup from Ignis. This allows you to bring everyone in and heal them at the same time. This can save you time and items often.

It is also great if you want to get people out of the way when you cast magic on enemies.

I would also get at least Tech Strike so you can build the tech bar by attacking. If you can afford it, also get Tech Damage so you can also get it from being attacked.

Enhancement is great if you want to always be able to target an enemy's elemental weakness without using every magic.

For taking out groups of enemies, I suggest Prompt's Gravisphere. This groups all the enemies up for a short time so you can easily attack them all.

That's it for my guide on the Techniques Ascension grid in Final Fantasy XV. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Jul. 11th 2017

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