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How to Complete Tests of Wisdom, Agility & Strength in Fortnite

Here's how to overcome the Test of Agility, Wisdom, and Strength in Fortnite.

Three of the Fortnite Myths & Mortals story quests revolve around completing various challenges called the Tests of Wisdom, Agility, and Strength. They’re scattered around the map and are quite easy to beat. Here’s how to complete each of these different tests in Fortnite.

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How to Overcome the Test of Agility in Fortnite

The Test of Agility is the first one you’ll need to complete and it’s found at Restored Reels north of the town area. It’s right in the little temple-like structure with pillars:

You’ll need to interact with the golden timer POI to begin the test. The Test of Agility involves running through a series of golden rings as fast as you can.

I completed this on the first try as it’s quite easy to track the rings and the timer is lenient. That said, I would recommend sprinting right away and then refilling the bar as you’re jumping over obstacles. The final ring will be in the open amphitheater area.

How to Overcome the Test of Wisdom in Fortnite

Tests of Wisdom in Fortnite are completed by interacting with a Scrying Pool and answering “Banana” to the given question. First, here are the locations of all Scrying Pools since it doesn’t matter which one you use:

  • Underworld: Look for it in the North-west of the Underworld town area right on the coast.
  • Pleasant Piazza: Look for it west of the region’s center on a hill surrounded by pillars right where the three paths form a triangle.
  • Mountain of Olympus: Look for it in the town area in the center of the region. It’s in the domed tower with pillars in the middle of the town.
  • Reckless Railways: Look for it north-west across the river at the edge of where the Lavish Lair area begins.

Once you’ve found any Scrying Pool out of these four, interact with it and the Oracle will ask “Which food is most appealing to the gods?” The answer you need to give is Banana. This will complete the Test of Wisdom and you can progress to the next story quest.

How to Overcome the Test of Strength in Fortnite

You have two options for the Test of Strength since you can complete it at the Lavish Lair or Fencing Fields. Here are both locations:

More specifically, at Fencing Fields it’s right below the small structure with four entrances and a roof next to the fountains. As for the Lavish Lair, head in front of the giant manor and the challenge will wait for you at the entrance door. The test itself isn’t hard and involves interacting with the golden timer at either location I pointed to above.

When you start the challenge you’ll have a minute to break 15 pieces of terrain. This can be anything from bushes to benches. I would highly recommend you do the Fencing Fields one as you can sprint straight to the pillars north of the golden timer and break them with a melee weapon. Breaking a pillar will cause a chain reaction that destroys multiple objects so you’ll finish the Test of Strength faster.

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That concludes my guide on how to complete Tests of Wisdom, Agility, and Strength in Fortnite. For more Fortnite guides, check out how to accept three Shadow briefings and how to unlock the Hades skin and whip.

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