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How to Get Hades Fortnite Skin

Here's how to get the Hades Fortnite skin.

The Greek mythology-themed Fortnite Chapter Five Season 2 is finally out. Myths and Mortals brings us a slew of cosmetic goodies to unlock by progressing through the new battle pass, one of which is the epic god of the Underworld Hades skin. Here’s how to get the Hades Fortnite skin.

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How to Unlock Hades Fortnite Skin

Hades is unlocked in the new Myths and Mortals battle pass. You’ll need to buy it with the launch of Chapter Five, Season 2, and progress through it. More specifically, Hades is available at Level 86 of the battle pass, which is page 13. This means you’ll have to grind daily and weekly quests. As for Battle Stars, you’ll need nine to unlock Hades. Additionally, check out how to unlock his Chains of Hades.

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You can also unlock various Hades-theme gear, an emote, and even an alternate version of him. His emote is unlocked at Level 94 of the battle pass, and you get the alternative purple version of Hades by completing his specific battle pass. This one’s called the Lethean Hades.

The Hades skin is one of the higher-tier ones, so it’ll take some time to unlock. As you reach him, you’ll also unlock other Greek gods, such as Zeus, Hephaestus, Artemis, and more. There are even weapons themed after each god, and Hades’ weapon is the Harbinger SMG. You can find it across the Island in its base form, but I would go after the Hades boss and score the Mythical version of the gun.

Bosses in Myths and Mortals will be a map event similar to those in previous patches. You’ll find them around the Island, and you have to defeat them to get their weapon. Each god will have their own Mythic version of the weapon you can get as loot for beating them.

That concludes my guide on how to get Hades Fortnite skin. For more Fortnite articles, check out is Fortnite down or how to join a tournament.

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