How to Complete the Crystal Eyes Quest in World of Warcraft

Ready for an archaeology adventure in WoW? Here's how to complete the Crystal Eyes questline in Highmountain.

Ready for an archaeology adventure in WoW? Here's how to complete the Crystal Eyes questline in Highmountain.

“Crystal Eyes” is an archaeology questline in World of Warcraft that starts out in New Dalaran (Legion) by talking with Dariness the Learned in the Magus Commerce Exchange (coordinates: 40.8, 26.4). She will give you the quest  “A New Lead” that will send you to Lessah Moonwater in Highmountain.

To get to her, take the flight path from New Dalaran (Legion) to Thunder Totem. She will be right in front of you when you land at you destination. After you turn in “A New Lead”, you’ll get the “Crystal Eyes” quest.

How to Finish the Crystal Eyes Quest in WoW

When this quest starts, Lessah asks you to interact with two resonating crystals. In order to do this, you’ll need 3 Highmountain Ritual-Stones — 6 in total for both. These are the keystones you normally get from doing archaeology in Highmountain.

There are several different ways to get these stones:

  • Surveying dig sites
  • Pristine quests (random quest drop from surveying dig sites)
  • Drop from Angry Tauren Spirit (21% Drop rate – spawn randomly from surveying dig sites)
  • Buying them from the Auction House

Unless you’re buying them from the Auction House — which would definitely be more expensive option during the week this quest is running– it may take you a while to gather the 6 Ritual-Stones you need because of the randomness of receiving one.

Once you have the stones, though, it’s a simple matter of following the quest arrow as you interact with the two crystals in a certain order. The first resonating crystal is in Mucksnout Den (41.64, 46.94, Cave Entrance). The second is in Rockcrawler Chasm (48.07, 33.85, Cave Entrance).

Return to Lessah once you’ve interacted with both crystals, and she will give you the last part of the questline — “Drogbar Deception.”

Head to Lifespring Cavern (38.37, 61.32, Cave Entrance). From there you want to find and kill Gelmogg. Enter the cave and follow the path — but if you get to a rope bridge, you’ve gone too far. There’s an actual map for this cave system, and Gelmogg will be marked on it.

Once you defeat and loot him, head back to Lessah to claim your reward: the Prizerock Neckband.

Helpful Mods for Completing This Quest

If you want a helping hand for finishing this quest successfully, you can use the Archy – Archaeology Assistant mod to make things significantly easier. This mod allows you to:

  • See what item you’re working on
  • View how close you are to the dig sites and what type of artifact fragments they yield
  • Quick artifact solve (But be careful with this feature, as you don’t want to accidentally use your Highmountain Ritual-Stones.)
  • Utilize even more customization features

Whether or not you opt to pick up this mod, following the simple instructions above should have you completing this quest in no time! And be sure to check out the rest of our WoW guides for more help with questing and other aspects of the game.

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