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How to Complete the Disco Inferno Challenge in BitLife

Become a king and abuse your power, then celebrate with a party in BitLife's Disco Inferno Challenge!

Time to live a life of luxury as a member of the royal family. And you need to abuse your power to kill citizens, then party afterward. With these actions, your reign might go down in history for all the wrong reasons. Here’s how to complete the Disco Inferno Challenge in BitLife.

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To complete Disco Inferno Challenge in BitLife, you need to:

  • Become a King.
  • Hook up with someone you met at the club.
  • Give someone you met at the club an STD.
  • Execute 5+ different people by burning them at the stake.
  • Go to the club after each execution.

Become a King

So, you have two options here. First, create a Custom Life and become a prince using God Mode. With God Mode, you simply need to take over the throne when your parents die. Otherwise, you need to marry into royalty.

If you don’t have God Mode, then marrying into royalty is your only option for completing this task. Marrying royalty means that you need to be in a country with a royal family and strive to become famous so that you have a higher chance of coming across a royal, then start dating them. You also need to make sure you marry a princess or queen to become king, so pay attention to titles.

Hook Up with Someone You Met at the Club

Once you’re an adult, go to Activities > Nightlife and pick a club. Keep repeating these steps until you get a pop-up about somebody wanting to hook up with you. Accept the offer, and this task is completed.

Give Someone You Met at the Club an STD

Each time you hook up with somebody, if you don’t use protection, you have a chance of getting an STD. You’ll know if you have one when you Age Up. An STD makes a health pop-up appear with symptoms listed. Visit a doctor to check that you have an STD and not a different ailment, but don’t get treated yet. Instead, go to the club and find another hookup. If you don’t use protection, you have a chance to spread the STD. Repeat this until you spread your STD and check off the task, then go see the doctor to get treated.

Execute 5+ Different People by Burning Them at the Stake

Now, it’s time to misuse your royal power. After you become the king, go into Activities > Royalty > Execute. Choose your victim, then check the method for Burn at the Stake. If you don’t see it, close the execution menu and re-open it. Repeat this until it appears, then do the same task five times to mark it complete.

Go to the Club After Each Execution

Once you hold an execution, go to Activities > Nightlife and pick a club to visit before you hit Age Up. Make sure you do this after every execution to check off the task. The nice part here is that you can complete the second and third tasks at the same time if you weren’t able to check them off earlier.

And that’s how to complete the Disco Inferno Challenge in BitLife. God Mode makes it a lot easier, and if you don’t have it, you’ll need to deal with a lot more RNG. Otherwise, check out our BitLife guide hub for more content!

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