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How to Complete the Ex-SOLDIER Challenge in BitLife

Explore life after the military with BitLife's Ex-SOLDIER Challenge!

We’re playing homage to Final Fantasy 7 this week. From deserting our post in the military to marrying a childhood friend, our tasks are inspired by Cloud Strife and his group’s adventure through Gaia. Here’s everything you need to know for how to complete the Ex-SOLDIER Challenge in BitLife.

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This week’s tasks are:

  • Be born a Male in Germany
  • Become a soldier in the Army
  • Desert your station after a deployment
  • Date a biologist
  • Marry a childhood friend

Be Born a Male in Germany

As usual, we want to create a Custom Life. Pick Male for your Gender. Then, select Germany as your Country. From here, you can pick any Place and a Special Talent if you want. The task is completed with just the gender and country, so anything beyond that is up to you. 

Become a Soldier in the Army

At age 18, don’t go to university. Instead, go into Occupation > Military and enlist in one of the options. As long as you have a decent Health Stat and haven’t committed any crimes, you shouldn’t have an issue joining. For this task, the branch that you join doesn’t matter, so you’re free to pick whichever one you’d like.

Desert Your Station After a Deployment

Once you’re in the military, you have to wait until you’re deployed on a mission for this task. After being deployed, go into your Jobs tab. Then, go into your military job menu to find the Desert option. Confirm that you want to desert your station, and this task is checked off as complete.

Date a Biologist

Now, we reach the task that can be a bit tricky. Go into Activities > Love > Date. This makes a pop-up appear with somebody who’s interested in dating you, and it gives you a bit of information about this person. You need to pay attention to their occupation and keep denying potential partners until you come across one with Biologist as their occupation. There’s a limited number of times you can hit the Date option, so once you run out of choices, all you can do is Age Up and try again next year. Once you find and date a biologist, the task is marked as complete.

Marry a Childhood Friend

While growing up, accept any pop-ups where somebody wants to be your friend. Then, work to maintain this friendship by going into Relationships > Friend’s Name and spending time with them. You can also hit the option at the bottom of the Relationship tab to spend time with everybody you know to make it easier.

When you’re ready, choose one of your childhood friends and start a proper relationship with them by asking them out. From here, spend time with them, compliment them, and build up to proposing with a decent ring to increase the chance they’ll accept your proposal. Once that’s done, all you need to do is officially marry them to finish the final task.

That’s how to complete the Ex-SOLDIER Challenge in BitLife. Most of the tasks are delightfully straightforward, but there are a few that can take time to complete, depending on how good your RNG is. From here, check out our BitLife guide hub for more content to help you live your best virtual life.

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