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How to Complete the Golden Gals Challenge in BitLife

Everything you need to know to complete the Golden Gals Challenge in BitLife!

This week, you get to become a teacher, get a divorce, date a clown, and make some female friends once you’re at least in your fifties. Paying homage to the Golden Girls, these tasks reference the life of Dorothy. Here’s how to complete the Golden Gals challenge in BitLife.

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BitLife: How to Complete the Golden Gals Challenge Tasks

To get the Golden Gals Challenge, you need to:

  • Be born a female in Miami.
  • Work as a teacher for 20+ years.
  • Get a divorce.
  • Make three female friends at the age of 55+
  • Date a clown at age 55+.

Be Born a Female in Miami

You need to start a Custom Life for this challenge. Pick a Female for your gender. Then, use The United States as your country and Miami as your place. This completes the first task. But from here, make sure you avoid committing crimes and keep your grades up. That makes it easier to go to university and become a teacher later.

Work as a Teacher for 20+ Years

Once you graduate from high school, apply for university. Ideally, you want to major in Education. However, you can also pick a major, such as History or a science field. I went with History since Education wasn’t an option that year. Then, when I graduated, I got a job as a History Teacher, which still completes this task.

If you don’t see these options when applying to university, then don’t apply and Age Up. The majors available to you change each year, so you might find it next time. This is also the case when you graduate and find a job. The job listings might not have a teacher position. So, take what you can for an income, then check again the next year. Repeat those steps until you land a teaching job, then keep that job for at least 20 years.

Get a Divorce

While you go to college and start off your career, accept the offer if you get a pop-up about dating somebody. Otherwise, you can also go to Activities > Love and find somebody to date that way. There’s no rush on this task. So, date the person, propose to them, wait for a proposal, and then get married. After marriage, you can stay married for a few years if you want. However, at some point, you need to go to Relationships > Spouse > Divorce and confirm you want a divorce to complete this task.

Make Three Female Friends at the Age of 55+

This task is easier if you still work as a teacher at 55. Only your age matters for it, so go to Job > Teacher > Coworkers and select three female coworkers to befriend. By doing it this way, you have easy access to a list of potential friends. If you no longer work as a teacher at this point, then use the same technique at any full-time job you have at the time.

Date a Clown at Age 55+

You have a few ways to check off this task. But compared to the rest of the tasks, this one can take the longest since you need to find somebody with a specific job to date. Naturally, you can use the Date or Dating App in the Activities > Love menu and search for somebody with a clown as their occupation. However, if you put in your teaching years already, you can also quit your job. Then, find a job at a circus. This lets you go into your coworker menu and find a clown to date. The second method is quicker, and once a clown accepts your request for a date, the task is complete.

That covers how to complete the Golden Gals Challenge in BitLife. The most important element this week is paying attention to your age so that you don’t pursue any tasks too early and end up not getting credit for them. From here, check out our BitLife guide hub for more content.

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