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How to Complete the GTL Challenge in BitLife

Here's everything you need to know about completing the GTL Challenge in BitLife!

This week’s challenge is refreshingly straightforward and quick to complete. And it helps that the RNG you face is limited, affecting only two tasks, but in mild ways. So, if you’re ready to cruise in style with a Lambo, here’s how to complete the GTL Challenge in BitLife.

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BitLife: All GTL Live Challenge Objectives

The GTL Challenge in BitLife has five objectives for you to complete. Your tasks this week are:

How to Be Born a Male in New Jersey

As we usually do, we need to create a Custom Life for this challenge. Select Male as your gender and The United States as your country. Then, to be born in New Jersey, you need Newark as your residence. Once you create this life, you can’t work towards more tasks until you’re 18, so go ahead and spend your childhood however you want. But I recommend working towards a decent career so you can get your surgery and fancy car later.

How to Go to the Gym Only Once After Age 18

After you Age Up to 18, go to Activities > Mind & Body > Gym and confirm you want to go to the gym. Once that’s done, never repeat this activity. If you go more than once, then the task will be marked as incomplete again.

How to Get a Spray Tan

Again, you can’t go to the salon as a child. I waited until my character was over 18 to do every task aside from being born. So, when you’re ready, go to Activities > Salon & Spa > Tanning Salon > Spray Tan. A spray tan costs $30, so this is an easy and affordable task. After the first time, the task is checked off and you can continue to your next objective.

How to Undergo Enlargement Surgery

The task doesn’t specify this, but you need a successful surgery to complete it. If the surgery is botched, the task won’t be marked as complete. I know this because my first one was botched, so I had to go back to Activities > Plastic Surgery > Enlargement Surgery and try again. For some reason, this surgery seems to have the highest chance of being botched. And then, you have to keep paying for more surgeries, and legal fees if you sue the doctor. So, keep repeating this surgery until it’s successful and the task gets marked as complete.

How to Own a Lambo

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This is the task that took me the longest. Since my character received millions in inheritance from his dad as a kid, I started the task at 18. However, I didn’t see a Lambo appear until age 32. When you have a decent chunk of money, go to Assets > Go Shopping and check each car dealership for a Lamborghini. If there aren’t any, your only option is to Age Up and try again until you find one. Then, purchase it and finish the challenge.

And that’s how to complete the GTL Challenge in BitLife. As a reward, I opened a chest with a red fedora in it, and I’ll forget that I own accessories in about a day, so it’ll just be sitting there. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like how to start a business or how to create a cult.

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