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How to Complete the Hunter’s Hand Spindle in Enshrouded

Find a full walkthrough guide on how to complete the Hunter's Hand Spindle Survivor quest in Enshrouded here.

Once you rescue the Hunter Survivor, you’re given the Enshrouded Hunter’s Hand Spindle quest. The NPC mission sends you on a wild goose chase throughout the Revelwoods to track down the lost item. Here’s how to complete the Hunter’s Hand Spindle quest. 

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Enshrouded Hunter’s Hand Spindle Complete Walkthrough

Hunter’s Hand Spindle Step 1: How to Find the Letter at Wescott

The quest first tells you to head toward a small town: Wescott, directly west of the Farmer’s Ancient Vault. Once you arrive, seek out the Lore book, Martha’s Diary, Entry 1. It’s on the roof of the tallest building in Wescott that’s glowing red. Read it to unlock the next objective. I’ve marked its location on the map below.

Hunter’s Hand Spindle Step 2: How to Find the Diary at the Hunter Camp

Once you’ve retrieved the Letter, you must find the Abandoned Hunter Camp north of Wescott. You can travel through the region easily, but be wary of enemies on foot outside of the Camp (and don’t die to them, like me). When you get there, go to the tarp tent. The Lore book Diary, Leave the Rot Behind, is inside of the tent and glows red. Read it to unlock the next objective. I’ve marked its location on the map above.

Hunter’s Hand Spindle Step 3: How to Find the Cave Entrance

The final objective sends you much further north, to a Cave entrance in the Revelwood north of Diadwyn. If you have the Ancient Spire unlocked, you can use that to get there faster. If you’re traveling by foot like I did, carefully pass over a broken bridge to reach the area. The bridge is guarded by enemies, but you can easily run past them. I’ve marked the cave entrance location on the map below.

The Cave Entrance is tucked on the side of a mountain. Jump to the entrance from a ledge across from it. Then simply destroy the cobweb to enter the cave. Be wary, Arachnophobes: there are many spiders ahead.

Hunter’s Hand Spindle Step 4: How to Reach the Hidden Room

You must defeat the spiders in the first area, then destroy a cobweb on the back wall to reach a hidden room filled to the brim with spiders and the glowing red spindle across the room. You can either destroy the egg sacks on the wall and fight the spiders, or run past them like I did.

Once you reach the ledge, loot the Spindle and read the A Sleepless Night Lore book next to it. You then receive two new optional side quests, Lost in the Shroud and A Crucial Investigation. Then leave the cave and fast-travel back to your base to place the Spindle next to the Hunter and complete the quest.

That’s it for how to complete the Hunter’s Hand Spindle Enshrouded. We’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover at our guides hub like how to find the Mortar for the Alchemist, and more.

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