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How to Find the Mortar and Pestle for the Alchemist in Enshrouded

Find out how to get the Alchemist's Mortar in Enshrouded here.

Enshrouded introduces you to a cast of survivors with unique questlines. The Alchemist sends you to locate his Mortar and Pestle after you rescue the Carpenter. But where is it? Here’s how to complete the quest and the exact location of the Mortar and Pestle.

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Where is the Mortar and Pestle in Enshrouded? Alchemist Quest Walkthrough

Once you get the Alchemist’s Mortar quest in Enshrouded, you receive a vague location on your map. To complete the mission, you must hunt down his old stomping grounds in a Shrouded area, but there’s more than one way to get there. Go north from the starter region, Longkeep, until you reach Lone Thistle.

Lone Thistle is directly east of the Hunter Vault, which is where I began my path. You can either head through the shroud toward the quest marker, or you can avoid the shroud entirely by heading around the Mistbury Catacombs north of the Scavenger Camp. Climb over the rocks to the right of it, and you land directly in front of the Alchemist’s giant lab building.

Enshrouded Alchemist's mortar quest map.
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Once there, enter the building to find a basement entrance. The basement of the lab has a caged area that contains the Mortar. Unlock the gate by heading to the roof of the building and finding a switch, like the ones in Survivor Vaults. 

How to Unlock the Basement Gate: The Alchemist’s Lab Roof Switch

You find the switch in the largest room on the roof. It’s hidden behind some breakable furniture on the wall on the right. After you reveal it, activate it to unlock the basement gate. Finally, head back to the basement to pick up the Mortar. Once you have it in your inventory, you can head back to the Alchemist to turn the quest in.

That’s it for how to get the Alchemist’s Mortar in Enshrouded. We’ve got plenty more for you to discover at our guides hub, like how to get shroud arrows and more.

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