How to Unlock and Use Shroud Arrows in Enshrouded

Turn the fog on your enemies with Shroud Arrows in Enshrouded.

Character sitting in the Revelwoods Shroud.
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The Shroud is a blighted fog on the land that slowly kills all it touches. If you’re to harness this power in combat, this is how to unlock and use Shroud Arrows in Enshrouded.

How to Unlock Shroud Arrows in Enshrouded

To craft Shroud Arrows you need to acquire a Shroud Sack. This unlocks the recipe at the Hunter, and is a required component. You can loot these from blue Shroud Flowers in the Revelwoods or the Red Walking Mushroom in the Nomad Highlands.

Blue Shroud Flower enemy.
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I found farming flowers was easier due to their lower health and lack of movement. You start encountering them far earlier in the game, allowing you to use the arrows sooner.

How to Craft Shroud Arrows

Shroud Arrows are listed under Special Arrows when you speak with the Hunter and she doesn’t need to be sheltered to make them. You’ll need x1 Goo, x1 Shroud Sack, and x10 Twigs to craft 25 arrows. With Goo being a requirement, you’ll need to rescue the Alchemist and retrieve his Mortar.

Shroud Arrows crafting recipe at the Hunter.
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How to Use Shroud Arrows in Enshrouded

Shroud Arrows inflict damage on impact and explode in a small radius of blighted fog. Those that remain inside take damage over time. The effect doesn’t impact you, however.

Since they’re made of Shroud, they don’t work against the Fell or other enemies found in the fog. They’re also ineffective on Skeletons. They’re especially effective against groups of enemies, like the Scavengers.

Shroud damage from Shroud arrows on grouped Vukah.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

I particularly like to use Shroud Arrows against the poison butchers and Scavenger Matrons. If you can stun them first, either by Overpowering them or using Stun Arrows, you’ll get the best effect. This is a great strategy for teams to reduce damage and quickly get through an area.

That’s how to unlock and use Shroud Arrows in Enshrouded. For more tips on how to unlock explosive arrows, how to get Sparks, or what respawns, head to our guides hub.

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