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How to Unlock and Make Explosive Arrows in Enshrouded

Here's how to get Explosive Arrows in Enshrouded, but it's going to take a while.

Explosive Arrows are powerful and meant to be used later in the game. But knowing when you can unlock them and the materials you can give friends on their further expanded worlds to get them for free is useful. I’ll tell you how to make Explosive Arrows in Enshrouded.

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How to Get Explosive Arrows in Enshrouded

You must get Black Powder before you can unlock the recipe to craft Explosive Arrows.

How to Get Black Powder in Enshrouded

I’ve heard that you can find Black Powder in Brittlebush, which is the city deep in the desert, but I haven’t looked around for it there myself yet. I can say that a more sustainable way of getting Black Powder in Enshrouded is to make it using the Laboratory, with the help of the Alchemist.

The Laboratory unlocks after you finish the final quest for the Alchemist, titled Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory. For reference, the Alchemist’s full quest list after you’ve completed the introduction to craft a wand is as follows:

  • An Eternal Spell
  • The Alchemists’s Rumors
  • The Alchemists Mortar
  • Carpentry Assistance
  • A Black Cauldron for the Alchemist
  • Scientific Instruments for a Laboratory
The player's first encounter with the Alchemist in Enshrouded
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After you’ve unlocked and placed your Laboratory, you can make Black Powder with the Alchemist’s help. The Black Powder recipe makes 50 Black Power at a time and requires x2 Coal Powder, x7 Nitrate, and x1 Sulfur.

The Explosive Arrow recipe unlocks as soon as you make your first bit of Black Powder. Now it’s time to make the highest-damage arrows in the game!

How to Craft Explosive Arrows in Enshrouded

Now, go to the Hunter and craft your fancy new arrows. The recipe to make 500 Exploding Arrows is x5 Black Powder, x5 Feather, and x25 Flint Arrow. These bad boys boast 41 damage, a far cry from all the rest.

It’s a long road to this point, but it’s well worth it. Now that you know how to unlock and make Explosive Arrows in Enshrouded, you can grind through those Alchemist quests if you haven’t already and stock up on these especially strong options for any bow user. Check out more of our guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to get more Tar, how to get more Sparks, and all Carpenter recipes.

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