The Complete List of All Carpenter Recipes in Enshrouded

The Carpenter has a variety of recipes in Enshrouded, including upgrades to your Glider and Grappling Hook.

Character chatting with Carpenter.
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After rescuing the Carpenter, you have access to a relatively small number of furniture plans, tool upgrades, and storage options. But like the other survivors, you can unlock more. Here, I’ve listed all of the Carpenter’s recipes as a companion guide to Enshrouded.

Every Carpenter Recipe in Enshrouded

Like the other Craftspeople, the Carpenter can create items by himself, but he gains access to more once he has a home. His catalog of recipes increases further when he has his various tools: the Kiln and the Table Saw.

Wood Planks recipe at Carpenter Table Saw.
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Carpenter Decorative Items

  • Wooden Crate
  • Wooden Barrel
  • Copper Double Door
  • Copper Door
  • Polished Wooden Double Door
  • Polished Wooden Door
  • Carved Wooden Double Door
  • Carved Wooden Door
  • Ornamented Wooden Window Frame
  • Carved Wooden Window Frame
  • Large Polished Wooden Cupboard
  • Small Polished Wooden Cupboard
  • Large Polished Wooden Cabinet
  • Small Polished Wooden Cabinet
  • Polished Wooden Shelf
  • Large Carved Wooden Cabinet
  • Carved Wooden Shelf
  • Crude Wooden Cabinet
  • Carved Wooden Cabinet
  • Wooden Ladder
  • Secret Stone Door
  • Secret Wooden Door
  • Secret Stone Floor Passage
  • Secret Wooden Floor Passage

Sheltered Carpenter Recipes

I like to make shelters for any Survivors I bring back to my base as soon as I can. A simple shelter suffices; I don’t usually build anything grand. As long as the Carpenter is sheltered, you can access these recipes:

  • Medium Magic Chest
    • Goo x2
    • Medium Chest x1
    • Shroud Core x2
  • Medium Chest
    • Metal Sheets x2
    • Nails x8
    • Wood Planks x12
  • Small Magic Chest
    • Shroud Core x1
    • Small Chest x1
  • Advanced Glider
Advanced Glider Carpenter recipe requirements.
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Sheltered Carpenter — Comfort Items

  • Ornate Wooden Bed
  • Wooden Bed
  • Polished Wooden Banquet Table
  • Polished Wooden Table
  • Polished Wooden Side Table
  • Polished Wooden Bedside Table
  • Wooden Banquet Table
  • Wooden Table
  • Wooden Side Table
  • Clay Fireplace
  • Clay Fireplace 2
  • Stone Fireplace
  • Polished Wooden Throne
  • Polished Wooden Chair
  • Wooden Chair
  • Polished Wooden Bench
  • Bench
  • Wooden Sink
  • Wooden Lavatory
  • Wooden Bathtub
  • Firefly Standing Lamp
  • Chandelier
  • Brazier
  • Polished Scrap Brazier
  • Standing Torch
  • Firefly Chandelier
  • Wall-mounted Candleholder
  • Firefly Wall Lamp

Carpenter Kiln Recipes

Carpenter's Kiln.
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  • Fired Brick
    • Lump of Clay x1
    • Wood Logs x1

Kiln Required Items

You’ll still speak with the Carpenter to craft these decor pieces, but you must build the Kiln to actually make them.

  • Clay Platter
  • Clay Cup
  • Clay Jub
  • Clay Bowl
  • Bembel Pitcher

Carpenter Table Saw Recipes

Carpenter's Table Saw to make Wood Planks.
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  • Wood Planks
    • Wood Logs x1

Those are all the Carpenter recipes for craftable items in Enshrouded. My favorite recipes are the advanced Glider and Grappling Hook. Though I do like the plethora of furniture and decor I can get for my homes. If you’re interested in other craft recipes, where to find resources, or the game respawn timer, head to our guides page.

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