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How to Get the Grappling Hook Early in Enshrouded

Progressing past the beginning area in Enshrouded requires the Grappling Hook.

The Grappling Hook is a crafted item you need to explore the areas outside of Longkeep and Braelyn Bridge. You’ll find the locations requiring the traversal device early. Here, I’ll tell you how to get the Grappling Hook equally early in Enshrouded, and why you should focus on making it.

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How to Craft the Grappling Hook Fast in Enshrouded

When starting Enshrouded, pay attention to crafting requirements. Always. The Grappling Hook is a necessary item to progress past Braelyn Bridge and explore areas to the west of the Cinder Vault.

However, if you build the Forge for the Blacksmith, make too many nails, or craft all the best armor available, you’ll have a hard time crafting the Grappling Hook. Metal Scraps are incredibly hard to find early on.

Grappling over Braelyn Bridge.
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To get the Grappling Hook fast in Enshrouded, ignore the other crafting items for. Trade these items for access to new areas using the Grappling Hook. For example, I found a legendary weapon before completing the Forge a Weapon quest, saving me Metal Scrap. The weapon you forge isn’t as good as finding new areas.

Once you can start exploring Rookmore, the Scavenger Camp with Mineshaft, or cross the Braelyn Bridge, you gather enough Metal Scraps for those other things. Whereas I was scrounging for resources before, I’m now swimming in them. I have more Metal Sheets (made from Scrap) than I know what to do with.

Enshrouded Grappling Hook Recipe

Grappling Hook crafting requirements
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To get the Grappling Hook, build a Workbench from your inventory crafting menu. Use the following resources at the Workbench: x4 Metal Scraps, x7 String, and x10 Shroud Spores.

You can craft the Grappling Hook before you even clear your first Elixir Well, rescue the Blacksmith, or Travel Through the Shroud. Since the resources in ruins, villages, camps, and chests all respawn, revisit Longkeep and scour Braelyn Bridge to collect the Metal Scraps you previously looted. All materials are found close to the first base area that you construct. You don’t have to worry about extending Shroud time or dealing with powerful enemies.

That’s how to get the Grappling Hook early in Enshrouded. You may not want to spend the Metal Scraps, but the payoff is worth it in the long run. For more crafting advice, how to find other mats like Resin quickly, or how big the game’s map is, check out our expanding Enshrouded guides page.

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