Shroud Puffballs in Springlands
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How to Get More Shroud Liquid Fast in Enshrouded

Shroud Liquid is easier to find than you might expect in Enshrouded. Here's where to go.

The Shroud is more than just the fog. It a blighted environment. But there are treasures within it, and some of the resources found there are key for progression. Here, I’ll tell you how to get Shroud Liquid fast in Enshrouded.

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How to Find More Shroud Liquid Quickly

You can find Shroud Liquid by cutting larger mushrooms found in the Shroud. It can also be gathered from the ground while exploring the Shroud. It often looks like a slice of mushrooms when collected.

Large mushrooms in Springlands Shroud.
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The fastest way to get Shroud Liquid is to farm the mushrooms in the Springlands Shroud. Gather Puffball Mushroom resources, which provide one or two Shroud Liquid each. You can simply collect the two-headed Puffballs, but you must chop the three-headed Puffballs and larger coral-esque mushrooms.

In the Revelwood, the large mushrooms look similar to Shiitakes, with the three headed ones also dropping Azure Russulas. The ones that look like morels must also be chopped. Look for larger clusters of small, thin mushrooms, which you can pick. The bigger the bunch, the more Shroud Liquid you’ll get.

Revelwood mushrooms in Shroud.
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I go to the Springlands because the Shroud there is filled with these. The mushroom concentration in the Revelwood drops significantly, making it hard to get a good haul when running through it.

I tend to go to the first base location and head down by Braelyn Bridge, then run through gathering them. I’ll nab between 60-100 Shroud Liquid by the time my Shroud timer goes down. And I don’t chop anything.

How to Use Shroud Liquid in Enshrouded

Flask of the Fell crafting at the Alchemist.
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Shroud Liquid becomes a Shroud Core when crafting at the Alchemist. Ten Shroud Liquid and 10 Shroud Spores create one Shroud Core.

  • Shroud Core
  • Shroud Survival Flask
  • Flask of the Fell
  • Ice Bolt
  • Goo

That’s how to get Shroud Liquid fast in Enshrouded, as well as its uses. I personally love to make Flask of the Fell so I can run like the wind without having to stop all the time. For more resource locations, how to find the Alchemist, or more on dual wielding, check out our guides hub.

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