Enshrouded: How to Get More Shroud Spores Fast

Find out how to get and use Shroud Spores in Enshrouded here.

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Enshrouded is full of materials to collect and discover, some of which are more unique than others. You must gather Shroud Spores for crucial advanced recipes, but where are they? Actually, right under your nose. Here, I’ll tell you how to get Shroud Spores.

How to Get Shroud Spores Quickly in Enshrouded

To get Shroud Spores, defeat Fell enemies within enshrouded areas. Shroud Spors are twinkling blue orbs used in crafting. However, you must venture into the dangerous Shroud Fog to get them. You can identify Shroud enemies by their hunched bodies and blue skin.

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In my experience, each enemy drops around 2 to 3 Shroud Spores. So, it might take some effort to collect enough for crafting. Early on, you can find plenty of Enshrouded enemies in the expanse beneath Braelyn Bridge. Nevertheless, be careful if gliding in. I’ve managed to get myself killed on more than one occasion by falling into the lava region to the East.

All of these enemies respawn. You can farm Fell enemies for Shroud Spores under Braelyn Bridge, but also the nearby Elixir Well. Extend your Shroud timer and explore the fog around the starting area to find loads of them. Sleep to pass the time, then return to the fog to farm more Fell.

Enshrouded Braelyn bridge map.
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What are Shroud Spores Used for in Enshrouded?

Shroud Spores are an important crafting ingredient. You need them to craft advanced transversal items and gain access to all areas of the map, making your journey less complicated. Here are the recipes you’ll need Shroud Spores for early on.

  • Grappling Hook
  • Glider
    • x8 Shroud Wood
    • x2 Animal Fur
    • x2 String
    • x2 Shroud Spores

The Grappling Hook is used to travel across areas like Braelyn Bridge and to reach other important areas across the map. For instance, I found a Grappling area with loot to the West of Longcamp. The Glider lets you fly across distances and protect yourself from fall damage. It’s a bit inconvenient to lose materials to a tombstone, so the Glider is an absolute must.

That’s how to get Shroud Spores in Enshrouded. For more tips and tricks, head over to our Enshrouded guides hub, where we cover things like how to parry and the best food items to get.

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