How to Get the Glider Early in Enshrouded

Gliding can quickly cut travel time in Enshrouded.

Gliding into the Shroud
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Getting the Glider early can help you explore the Shroud more efficiently, let you reach new areas, and give you a bird’s eye view of paths you may want to take. Here, I’ll tell you how to get the Glider as early as possible in Enshrouded.

How to Craft the Glider Early in Enshrouded

You can start gathering the materials for the Glider as soon as you leave the Cinder Vault. By the time you reach the location of your first base, you’ll almost have everything required.

  • Shroud Wood x8
    • Shroud areas by Braelyn Bridge.
  • Animal Fur x2
    • Any of the sheep or wolves near Longkeep and the first Flame Altar. I kill sheep with the bow and arrow because it’s faster than chasing them.
  • String x2
    • Craft in your inventory crating menu (not the Blacksmith) with Plant Fiber. Get Plant Fiber by interacting with shrubs and bushes.
  • Shroud Spores x2
    • Fight Fell in the Shroud.
Glider crafting requirements.
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After building your Flame Altar, craft the workbench. This gives you access to the Glider recipe. Have the resources in your inventory, not in a crate. The Glider auto-equips after crafting it (but double-check your inventory to ensure you don’t launch yourself off a ledge without anything to slow you down).

How to Use the Glider in Enshrouded

Using the Glider is quite easy. Find a high point, jump, and activate it. However, it drains Stamina. If not managed correctly, you’ll splat on the ground. I’ve died so many times in funny Glider-related incidents and want to save you from that trauma.

Before launching off a cliff, from atop an Ancient Spire, or any other high location, ensure your Stamina wheel is completely full. Gliding uses up a lot of Stamina to sustain, so you want to make sure you’ll be able to reach the bottom, or at least a less than insta-dead height to fall from.

Gliding over Shroud at night.
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While in the air, use the direction buttons to move toward your target. Don’t use the forward button, however, unless you want to spiral into an epic nosedive. Use the backward movement button to pull back up. Nosedive if you start losing too much stamina to close the gap. Don’t stop with the intention of starting again. The glider doesn’t extend the second time.

I suggest finding a good point close to your destination, dropping down and only deploying your Glider when you get closer to the ground. You may have to walk more, but you’ll be alive, especially if you’re unsure on how much stamina you’ll need to glide to your target.

Nosedive while gliding into Shroud.
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Don’t jump twice after swinging from the Grappling Hook unless you take the Double Jump Ranger skill. Your Glider opens and sends you somewhere you probably don’t want to be. This can throw a wrench in any exploration plans you may have had. If you die while gliding, your graveyard marker appears at the location you jumped from.

That’s how to get the Glider early in Enshrouded, as well as how to use it so you don’t fall from the sky. If you’re wondering how to make the Grappling Hook, collect other resources, or how to survive in the Shroud, check out our guides vault.

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