How to Get Flintstone and Make Flint Arrows in Enshrouded

Here's where to find Flintstone and how to make Flint Arrows in Enshrouded.

The player looking over the Shroud at night in Enshrouded
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The earliest arrows you can make are Wooden Arrows, which offer a very small 6 damage. It’s not long until you want to upgrade, with Flint Arrows as the next step in the upgrade chain. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to get Flintstone and Flint Arrows in Enshrouded.

Where to Find Flintstone and How to Craft Flint Arrows in Enshrouded

You can craft Wooden Arrows through manual crafting in your crafting menu. However, you must find and rescue the Hunter and then bring her to your base before you can craft Flint Arrows. It doesn’t take too much quest progression to do just that. Once she’s gotten settled, you can ask her to craft Flint Arrows, among many other things you’ll want moving forward.

The Flint Arrow crafting recipe in Enshrouded
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Flint Arrow Crafting Recipe

You can craft 50 Flint Arrows at once with x20 Twigs and x10 Flinstone. You’re probably familiar enough already with gathering Twigs. They come alongside Plant Fiber by gathering medium-size plants across the landscape. Flintstone is the problem since nodes can be sparse.

Where to Find Flintstone in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Flinstone can be found in both large and small nodes that look like scales protruding from hills, cliffs, and other areas. They group into flat green, brown, and copper stones. Below is a screenshot of a large Flintstone node. Smaller nodes look like clusters of the ore, while these larger nodes are a mixture of Stone and Flintstone.

A large Flintstone node in Enshrouded
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The above large Flintstone node can be found not too far from where you start on a world for the first time, but it takes a bit of a trek. I’ve marked the location southeast of your starting area on the map below. You must traverse the Shroud to get there, but it’s worth it.

A map marked with a Flintstone location in Enshrouded
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With your Flintstone in hand — and hopefully plenty of Twigs sitting in your inventory as well — you can fast travel back to base and speak to the Hunter to craft some Flint Arrows. 20 Twigs and 10 Flintstone isn’t a bad tradeoff for a full 50 Flint Arrows, though you’ll want to move up to Scrap Arrows, which are a far heftier investment.

That’s it for how to make Flint Arrows in Enshrouded, and how to get Flintstone to do it. Check out more of our guides on it here on GameSkinny, such as how to destroy environmental structures and how to reach the top of the Low Meadows Ancient Spire.

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