How to Get More Sparks in Enshrouded

Sparks fuel the Flame and keep you safe in Enshrouded. Here's how to farm them.

Character sitting in front of an Ancient Spire Flame.
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To keep your Flame going and survive the Shroud longer, you need Sparks to strengthen it. Finding and collecting them is a slow, laborious process that can take dozens of minutes of playtime at best. Here, I’ll tell you how to get more Sparks fast in Enshrouded.

Best Ways to Get Sparks Quickly in Enshrouded

Spark at a Flame Sanctum.
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Sparks are seeds of the Flame that persist from the Ancients and in your Flameborn. You get one or two Sparks when interacting with Flame Shrines and Flame Sanctums, depending on your Flame level. You Sparks to grow your Flame Altar. Finding and visiting all the shrines and sanctums can be a hassle, though. If you want to last longer in the Shroud, you must farm Sparks.

Spark Farming Locations in Enshrouded (with Map)

The whole world resets every two hours, and you can farm Sparks at the various Flame Shrines and Sanctums close to your bases. Within a short distance of your first base, there are five or six locations. Three are west/northwest of your starting location, one is north, and one is southeast.

Spark farm circle in the Springlands.
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Once you upgrade your Flame a bit more, you consistently get two Sparks per visit. That quickly adds up. Since most of these locations are in a circle, farming Sparks is a quick endeavor after each respawn. You’re also close to home, allowing you to return quickly if you need to unload your inventory or repair your gear. You can double check if you have enough Sparks, or work on your base while waiting for the respawn.

That’s how to get more Sparks fast in Enshrouded. Whether you need a lot for a Strengthen level or want to stockpile for the future, pay attention to respawns to ease your farming efforts. If you need other fast farm methods, where to find resources, or how to rescue the Alchemist, head to our guides hub for help.

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