Having trouble getting through the timed web puzzles? We can show you exactly how to burn through the webs and move onto the next stage!

How to Complete the Web Puzzles in Darksiders 3

Having trouble getting through the timed web puzzles? We can show you exactly how to burn through the webs and move onto the next stage!

When you aren’t hacking ‘n slashing through agents of the apocalypse in Darksiders 3, you’ll be figuring out puzzles. 

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One of the more obtuse and grating ones first comes in the early game in the form of spider webs. Although Fury should be able to cut right through them, things are a bit more complicated than that. As you progress, you’ll come across more and more, some progessively more “difficult” than the ones before them. 

Luckily, there are a few tricks that will make solving these web puzzles a lot easier. 

Making Bugs Go Boom

As you play, Fury will eventually come to a dead end in the Crossroads portion of the Haven area. This section of the tunnel has a hole in the ground that it looks like you should be able to jump into it, but it’s covered up by webbing.

A respawning bug also chases you around the room, but throwing it at the webbing doesn’t actually do anything. That’s because you need it to eat some flaming goo first and become explosive.

Whenever you see an area with webbing, check the ceiling and look for a brown pod holding the flaming goo.

A simple hit with the whip knocks the goo down, which becomes an attractive feast for the bug. After they eat the goo, they become explosive — but you’ve got to act quickly because they explode just a few seconds after being picked up.

Sometimes you also have to lure bugs from another nearby area. They typically follow you, but if the bug falls behind, just pick it up and throw it in the direction you need to go.

It’s important to note that red webs regrow after a few seconds.

In a later area of Haven, you’ll need two bugs in rapid succession to get through a red web then a white web, so lure one out from the tunnels first.

Once you unlock Fury’s flame hollow form, you can ignite webs on your own without explosive bugs just by holding the secondary attack button, or by holding the jump button while in midair.

You’ll need this trick for the later puzzles where you have to light multiple webs on fire in conjunction with explosive bugs.

Using Explosive Bugs For Timed Puzzles

The most frustrating web puzzle takes place in the Catacombs section of the Hollows area, where there’s a pressure plate that moves a statue into a position that’s out of reach. The problem is that there isn’t enough time to get on the plate and throw the bug at the statue before it explodes.

To complete this puzzle, go up the stairs and leap across the room with the pressure plate toward the webbing on the far left side. The fire hollow form actually makes this annoying to complete correctly, since it defaults to the boost jump if you hold the jump button too long.

When leaping across, immediately release the jump button and swing your whip to grab onto the ledge and fly toward the wall (you can still do this even if you’ve switched from the whip to the crystal shard sword).

When you reach the opposite side, either hold secondary attack or press and hold jump to light the web on fire, which will knock down the explosive goo in the center between the left and right webs.

With the goo down, lure a bug over so it becomes explosive. Here’s the key though — don’t pick up the bug!

Instead, run all the way to the left side of the far left wall web and light it on fire with your attack, then immediately run back to the pressure plate.

After a moment, an ember will fly from the far left web and hit the bug, causing it to explode, which ignites the far right web that leads toward the statue.

If you ran fast enough, the flaming web will just barely hit the statue as it completes its rotation from the pressure plate, turning it red and opening the grate.

This puzzle is all about the timing, so if you just barely miss it, just get another bug and start over. Dodging instead of running can help you reach the pressure plate slightly quicker.

That’s all you need to know to figure out the rest of the Darksiders 3 web puzzles! Have you come across any others that are stumping you? Let us know which ones you can’t get past and we’ll write up a new guide!

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