Wondering how to find clean water and craft the Green Hell water collector? This guide tells you how to do both, as well as craft the water filter.

How to Craft a Water Collector in Green Hell

Wondering how to find clean water and craft the Green Hell water collector? This guide tells you how to do both, as well as craft the water filter.

Anyone that has played even the slightest amount of Green Hell will know the demand for clean water. With disparate “thirsty”s uttered out from a dry mouth on the regular, you’ll need to have a consistent stream of quality H20, if you want to last past even your first day.

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Yet like most games of its ilk, Green Hell keeps its watery options hidden. As much as it will be tempting to take a sip from a dirty river, it really isn’t worth the hassle it will cause. Instead, here is a guide on where to find water and how to craft a water collector, so you’ll have a constant collection of water to quench that unconquerable thirst.

Where to Find Clean, Fresh Water in Green Hell

Clean, freshwater is essential to survival, and before you get to any crafting, you will need to find some fast. As a Green Hell newbie, you will want to be on the lookout for coconuts. Before harvesting, coconuts are green and can be found at the foot of the large curved trees – some can even be seen at the top of the trees as well.

Once you find a coconut, strike it with any weapon you have collected, it will break down. You can now drink the clean water inside the coconut; you can even eat the flesh on the inside.

However, now that you have drunk the contents of the coconut, it is still useful. Eating the flesh will leave you with two coconut shells, which can be used to collect rainwater.

Simply pull a shell out from your backpack, and drop it on the ground. When it begins to rain, the shell will fill up and provide 10 hydration points.

However, if you aren’t keen on waiting for the rain to fall, this is where a water collector comes in handy.

How to Craft a Water Collector

Before you get started collecting materials for your water collector, you will need to find its blueprint. Heading to 51W 26S on the map will take you to the drug trafficking camp, where the blueprint can be found.

Now that you have the blueprint to craft a water collector, you will need the following crafting materials:

  • 4x Long Sticks
  • 4x Sticks
  • 4x Rope
  • 11x Banana Leaf

Much like our guides on how to start a fire, you can find long sticks and sticks by striking down a tree with a knife. Rope can be found on the side of trees; it’s called Liana. Banana Leaf can be found all over the map and will split when you strike the plant.

With the materials in place, you can select the water symbol on the right of your notebook, find the water collector, and begin to place the needed materials.

With the water collector crafted, it will begin to siphon water through the shoot of banana leaves. Take your coconut shell from earlier and place it under the water collector. It will then be near-instantly filled.

A tortoise shell can also be used in place of a coconut shell. While this method offers no more hydration than simply placing the shell on the ground, it will fill the shell far quicker, allowing you to get the most of the rainy spell. A tortoise shell can also collect clean, freshwater, albeit slowly, when it isn’t actually raining.

How to Craft a Water Filter 

If however, you want a more direct source of water, look no further than the water filter. This life-saver can be found at the fishing docks (51W 19S). The water filter will allow you to convert dirty river water to safe drinking water

To craft the water filter you will need: 

  • 2x Long Stick
  • 1x Bamboo Log 
  • 2x Rope
  • 3x Charcoal 
  • 2x Small Stone

If you do find the water filter at the docks, the nearby island will be filled with plenty of bamboo to collect. Charcoal can be found in burned-out fires, and small stones can be harvested from large stones, which are found randomly around the map. 

The water filter will also be found in the water section of your notebook. Once crafted, putting a coconut shell full of dirty river water into the water filter will start the cleansing process. However, much like the water collector, be sure to place another coconut shell under the filter. 

With a mixture of coconut shells, the water collector, and water filter, you will hopefully keep that hydration meter nice and full during your time in Green Hell. For more, consider checking out our other Green Hell guides!

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