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How to Craft Legendary and Notorious Gear in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Want to make better items? Here's how to craft Legendary and Notorious Gear in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

Suicide Squad KJL‘s crafting system lets you make weapons, mods, and grenades. But did you know you can craft premium gear for free, like the guns from the Deluxe Edition? Here’s how to craft Legendary and Notorious Gear in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

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How to Craft Better Gear in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: Legendary and Notorious Items

When you unlock crafting after recruiting the Penguin for your support squad, you can only craft basic gear like Commons (Green), Rares (Blue), and Epics (Purple). However, you can also unlock Legendary (Yellow) and Notorious (Pink) gear crafting quite early by progressing through the main story and finishing Chapter 2. Once you get the message regarding Notorious Items, shown below, you can craft Legendary and Notorious gear.

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Talk to Penguin in the Hall of Justice. Select Craft. There are now Purple (Epic), Yellow (Legendary), and Pink (Notorious) gear options in each category. Select the one you want to craft, make sure you have the resources, and then hold the Craft button.

For now, you have access to a Notorious Heavy Weapon, Sniper, and Pistol. Legendary and Notorious gear pieces have special abilities in addition to 2-3 random Augments. Check out my guide on how to reroll augments if you don’t like the ones you got.

Typically, I reroll items until I get an augment or perk set that fits my playstyle and King Shark main. I opt for heavy weapons that increase XP gains, up crit my chances, or return ammo. For Deadshot, my secondary character, I went for a Legendary sniper rifle as soon as I could.

How to Craft Deluxe Edition Black Mask Weapons in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

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Once you unlock Notorious gear crafting, you can make Black Mask weapons from the Deluxe Edition for free. Well, you still need the crafting resources, but I found that you get plenty of those as you play through Contracts and Main and Side Missions. For example, to craft the Black Mask weapons, you need x7,600 Credits, x36 Precious Alloys, x18 Coluan Crystals, x6 B-Technology, x2 Inertron.

I have the Deluxe Edition, and the weapons are some of the best in the early to mid game. I’ve picked up few items that replace them, so they’re well worth crafting. Deadshot’s pistol is one of my favorites. I use it to mark three enemies to proc a fireblast that deals nasty damage.

The best part? Now that you know how to craft Legendary and Notorious gear in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, you can get better weapons in less than an hour of play. For more SSKJL tips, check out how to respec skills and also our Deadshot and King Shark skill lists.

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