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How to Reroll and Overhaul Gear Stats in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Got some bad augments on your crafted weapon? Here's how to reroll gear stats in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

Suicide Squad KJL‘s crafting system lets you make your own weapons, mods, and grenades. That said, the random augments you get on crafted gear aren’t always the best. If you want to change them, I’ll tell you how to reroll gear stats in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

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How Does Rerolling and Overhauling Gear Work in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League?

shorter stout man in elegant clothing
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As you work through the main Chapter 2 story missions in SSKJL, you eventually recruit Penguin and unlock gear crafting. I was so excited and tried crafting some items, only to see that the augments are randomized. For example, the Shield mod I crafted had an augment to increase SMG damage, but that’s virtually useless to me since I focus on heavy weapons and shotguns on my King Shark.

Luckily, you can reroll gear stats with the Overhaul option after you complete Penguin’s first Side Mission. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Hall of Justice.
  • Talk to Penguin.
  • Select the Overhaul option.
  • Navigate to the piece of gear you want to reroll in the appropriate category.
  • Hover over that specific item to display augments below the main stats.
  • Click and hold the Overhaul button (hold X on PS5 or A on Xbox).
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The weapon’s augments automatically reroll and change. You can get one to three new rolls randomly, depending on the weapon quality. The cost of each reroll is listed below the Overhaul button. I tried Overhauling stats on my Breakthrough legendary Shotgun, and the cost was quite cheap, seeing as you get plenty of resources in the open world. It took me a few rerolls, but I got the augments I wanted. Finally.

Best Gear Perks in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

I highly recommend you look for the following three gear augments no matter what item you’re Overhauling and rerolling:

  • EXP boosts from killing enemies to level up faster.
  • Increased weapon damage for your chosen category of weapons.
  • Universal damage increases like “+ damage when magazine is above 50%.”

Additionally, don’t be afraid to spend some resources and reroll a piece of gear you want until you get your desired augments. The currency used for rerolls is plentiful in the world through clearing enemy camps, contracts, and missions. As a general rule, Rare (Blue) gear can hold 1-2 augments, Epics (Purple) hold 1-3, and Legendries (Yellow) and above hold 2-3.

That’s how to reroll gear stats in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. For more SSKJL tips, check out how to respec and how to find all Riddler trophy locations and riddle solutions.

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