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Arkham Asylum in fog at night from the perspective of a road lined with trees.
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Where to Find All Riddle Scans & Solutions in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Here's where to find every Riddler Riddle in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, along with solutions and maps.

Riddler’s back to his shenanigans. There are 21 Riddles solve across Metropolis’ seven districts. These brainteasers test your wits, asking you to scan all sorts of things in the environment. And some are quite hard to find. Here’s every Riddle location and answer in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

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How to Find and Solve All Riddles in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

I’ve found and collected all of the Riddle scans and solutions below, breaking them down by district in alphabetical order. Once you find them all, you get two trophies or achievements: Solve 5 Riddles for The Right Question, and solve 21 Riddler’s Riddles for The Real Deal. Get these alongside Riddler Trophies, as some are in the same locations.

Though the Riddler recites these riddles as you go through each district, you don’t have to do these in order. Nor must you hear a riddle before scanning the solution. To scan a riddle object, face it and press up on the D-pad by default. The subject must be in frame correctly, and the scanning device warns you with yellow text if it’s not in frame. I had the most trouble with the shipping container in Racine, but I’ve provided tips for the most troublesome below.

All Bakerline Riddles and Solutions

Bakerline Riddle 1: Printing Stories that astound, this planet makes the news go round. Answer: Scan the entrance of the Daily Planet at street level on the far western side of Bakerline. 

Bakerline Riddle 2: In Bakerline, a renter’s choice, and there resides the people’s voice. Answer: Scan the brown building with the large brown “Sullivan” sign on it southeast of the Daily Planet and just northeast of the Penguin mission in the area. It’s near the skyscraper with the large golden statue on the front. 

Bakerline Riddle 3: Outside the science center’s wall, find something big that once was small. Answer: Scan the bronze solar system statue in front of the science center. The science center is directly north of the Sullivan building, at the edge of the area. I found the bronze statue under the science center awning. 

All Centennial Park Riddles and Solutions

Centennial Park Riddle 1: Within their lair, the thousands plot, too many Xs mark the spot. Answer: Scan the five Xs (three small and two large) on the wall underneath the pedestrian overpass barely southeast of the golden Superman statue. 

Centennial Park Riddle 2: A stirring figure to behold, the world’s false idol cast in gold. Answer: Scan the gold Superman statue. Stand on top of the large rock south of the Superman statue to get it fully in frame. 

Centennial Park Riddle 3: To welcome those from far and wide, this sign spells out our civic pride. Answer: Scan the white Metropolis sign (Hollywood sign) roughly 450 meters northwest of the Superman statue. I had to get fairly close to this to get it in frame, so I stood on the Metropolis electronic billboard close by. The entire Metropolis sign doesn’t have to be in frame. 

All Central Business District Riddles and Solutions

Central Business District Riddle 1: The symbol of a reigning queen. It’s where our ollie makes his green. Answer: Scan the blue Q symbol in the upper left of the Queen Consolidated building just southeast of the Lexcorp Tower (the large building with the helipad and the statue of a man with a broken face) in the south-central part of the district. 

Central Business District Riddle 2: In Director Bone’s operation, see normal rise above its station. Answer: Scan the DEO sign at the Department of Extranormal Operations building directly east of the main Lexcorp tower building with the green triangle on it in the area. 

Central Business District Riddle 3: With colors bright and profits low, here Simon says he runs the show. Answer: Scan the yellow, blue, red, and green STAGG sign by the plaza directly southwest of the human statue with a broken face. It’s along the street, just past the large red Torii Gate. 

All Midtown Riddles and Solutions

Midtown Riddle 1: Though Brainiac has tanked Batman’s stocks, this place still proves that money talks. Answer: Scan the Wayne Bank sign on the front of Wayne Bank Tower in extreme south central Midtown. I also found a Riddler Trophy underneath the sign on the left side. 

Midtown Riddle 2: Within this city’s fiscal stash, Lex Luthor sits upon your cash. Answer: Scan the front of Luthor Financial (a green sign) just one block northeast of Wayne Bank. The sign is at street level.

Midtown Riddle 3: At both ends, their candles burning, bright minds in these halls of learning. Answer: Scan the Stanhope College sign on the right side of the beige Stanhope College building just ~300 meters northwest of Luthor Financial. I found it near the monorail track and the Coliseum movie theater.

All Racine Riddles and Solutions

Racine Riddle 1: A venue fit for ancient Greece, watch thrilling tales of war and peace. Answer: Scan the Wonder Woman shield at the memorial just to the northeast of the Hall of Justice

Racine Riddle 2: Within: League statues, silver smirks. Without: These golden waterworks. Answer: Scan the spiked bronze statue in front of the Hall of Justice. 

Racine Riddle 3: With claws beneath and sea ahead, a cold box for Gotham’s swimming dead. Answer: Scan the blue North Refrigeration shipping container on the south side of the Hob’s Bay docks in the extreme northeast of Racine. I had to aim above the shipping container to log it. 

All Suicide Slums Riddles and Solutions

Suicide Slums Riddle 1: Here, studying her crystal ball, the city’s mystic know-it-all.  Answer: Scan the front door of Madame Xanadu’s shop. Look for the building with broad teal and red diagonal stripes and cat mural on the south side, just southeast of Green Lantern’s lair. It’s on the right of the road running under the monorail if the lair is to your back (if you’re facing south). It has multi-colored string lights on it at night. 

Suicide Slums Riddle 2: In quiet crypts, the city’s best, take Viking-like eternal rest. Answer: Scan the front of the white clock tower that says “Valhalla” in the Chapel Hill cemetery barely east of Green Lantern’s base. I found this location about 250 meters northeast of Madame Xanadu’s. You must follow the road past the first clock tower with a blue clock on the fight, and down the hill to find it on the right. 

Suicide Slums Riddle 3: A toast to those who came before, a bronze cast Lex progenitor. Answer: Scan the large bronze statue of a woman (Edna Luthor) about 150 meters southwest of the last location. I found this by flying over the buildings across the street from the cemetery, then going up the stairs across from a Gold Star Inc. building with a bright gold neon sign. The statue is in the small square under the monorail overpass above. 

All Wonderland District Riddles and Solutions

Wonderland Riddle 1: Rising high, a sunkissed tower, a beacon of the city’s power. Answer: Scan the front of the Solar Tower in the extreme south-central portion of Wonderland District. This is directly north (some 100 meters) of the Daily Planet. It’s just south of the large zeppelin in the district. 

Wonderland Riddle 2: A magic show, strange and absurd, the secret spell’s a mirrored word. Answer: Scan the Zatanna sign above the Cain Theater. It’s the magician sign next to the larger red, yellow, and black Jazz Club sign on the theater. The Cain Theater is 400 meters due north of the Solar Tower, just north beyond the large circle with a cross through it at the Zeppelin on the map. 

Wonderland Riddle 3: Thrill kids, delight your tot. You want some fun? Give this a shot. Answer: Scan the front of the Schott’s Toys store just east of the beachfront area in the far northeastern section of Wonderland District. I found it due east of the large shipwreck on the beach, across from Loomis Land park. 

Those are all of the Riddler’s riddles and their solutions in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. Now that you have the answers and two more trophies or achievements in your toolbelt, it’s off to save the world and bring down Justice League Dark. Check out our other SSKJL guides for more tips.

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