Where to Find All Riddler Trophies & Locations in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Here's where to find every Riddler Trophy location in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

King Shark in a Hawaiian shirt wearing a green riddler hat.
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There are 40 Riddler Trophies spread across Metropolis. While you’ll stumble across many as you explore the game’s semi-open world, some are hidden away in dastardly locations. To save you the trouble, I’ll tell you where to find all of the Riddler Trophies in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

All Riddler Trophy Locations in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Each district across Metropolis has at least three Riddler Trophies hidden within it. These are separate from the Riddler’s Riddles and the Riddler’s Challenges. You don’t have to complete any true puzzles to get these collectibles, though I contend just finding some of them are puzzles unto themselves. I recommend collecting these alongside Riddles since some are in the same places.

Riddler Trophies can be shot down, which I’m glad for since some can be hard to reach otherwise. More importantly, they can be moved around by bumping into them. Enemies can shoot them around, as well, so try to enter combat around them.

You get two trophies or achievements for getting all 40 of these green-glowing collectibles: the Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One trophy and achievement for finding 10 Riddler Trophies and The Oldest One in the Book! for finding them all. The guide below goes in a counterclockwise direction, starting with Racine. 

All Racine Riddler Trophies

Racine Riddler Trophy 1: On the back side wall of the bottom right horizontal rectangle jutting out from the Hall of Justice on the map. 

Racine Riddler Trophy 2: On the balcony floor of a building with a red bottom half 225 meters northwest of the Hall of Justice. It’s next to a building with a small, red HOTEL sign, a poster of Superman, and a small digital billboard for a taxi service. There are four fans on the roof of the building. 

Racine Riddler Trophy 3: I found this Riddler Trophy floating in the air, but it’s supposed to be on the ground in the plaza directly north of the Hall of Justice with the Justice Day banners of Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern. It’s behind the raised stone stage with the Honor, Hope, and Courage shields, to the left of the yellow Bakery cart. 

Racine Riddler Trophy 4: This Riddler Trophy is roughly 320 meters north of the last, on the backside of the water tower, about halfway down. It’s by the big yellow and orange Juicy hotdog digital billboard. 

All Midtown Riddler Trophies

Midtown Riddler Trophy 1: This Riddler Trophy is in the southeast corner of Midtown. It’s up on a wall inside a small parking deck with electric charging stations just northwest of the broken bridge in northern Racine. The small garage is to the left of the raised road by the bridge and has a Phone Booth Clothing Store sign on it. 

Midtown Riddler Trophy 2: This Trophy collectible is 220 meters northwest of the last one, under the awning on the Wayne Bank entrance. I shot this one down to get it. 

Midtown Riddler Trophy 3: This one’s hard to find. It’s 270 meters due east of the Wayne Bank Trophy. Facing the bank, turn right and go through the alley directly ahead, past the Diani & Co. jewelry store. Cross the intersection with the tree on the other side and toward the fenced area ahead. Go through the fence and past the second pillar on the left (the wall has a snake mural with three Xs on it). Turn around for the Trophy on the wall to your right by the pillar (the same wall as the mural). 

Midtown Riddler Trophy 4: Go 285 meters northwest and look for the huge silver statue of a woman holding a lantern by the Metropolis East Bank and Luthor Financial, where you also solve a Riddler Riddle. The Trophy is on the underside of the balcony on the backside of the statue. 

Midtown Riddler Trophy 5: Go about 500 meters northeast to the top right corner of Midtown. Find this one behind the statue underneath the road overpass here. 

Midtown Riddler Trophy 6: Now go to the north central portion of Midtown, about 358 meters from the last collectible. Stay at ground level and look for a Big Belly Burger truck across from the Hego Theater. The truck is white with teal stripes and a bright yellow and orange sign on it near a pedestrian overpass. There’s a bullet-ridden teal bus nearby and a big neon sign that says Fast Food. 

Midtown Riddler Trophy 7: From there, go to the Ameritek building with the red Ameritek sign to the left of the last collectible. It’s in the northwest portion of Midtown. From ground level, go to the level above the red Ameritek sign, then under the covered area on that level. The Trophy is on the ceiling. 

All Central Business District Riddler Trophies

Central Business Riddler Trophy 1: Go to the very top of the Metropolis University tower in the extreme southeastern portion of the Central Business District. 

Central Business Riddler Trophy 2: From there, go roughly 350 meters west/northwest to the statue that resembles a hammer on the map. It’s a blue, gold and red triangle with a rectangular top. Check behind the steel mermaid statue underneath it. 

Central Business Riddler Trophy 3: Go to the top of the tall blue and gold skyscraper with the Q symbol on it just to the left of the last Riddler Trophy. 

Central Business Riddler Trophy 4: The next Riddler Trophy is in the blue Kord Industries building northeast across the street (large silver K on top of the building). It’s on top of the central pillar in the atrium. King Shark knocked this one off before I could take the picture of it, and it bounced out onto the street. 

Central Business Riddler Trophy 5: Go to the Berkowitz Airport in the far northeast corner of the district. Find Hangar 2, and drop down onto the plane. The Riddler Trophy is on the underside of the plane’s platform.

Central Business Riddler Trophy 6: The adjacent skyscraper west of the airport connects to another skyscraper via the Metropolis Sky Bridge. Ascend the skyscraper, then go a little west to reach the sky bridge. The Riddler Trophy is in a pool with two people turned to stone under the skybridge roof. 

Central Business Riddler Trophy 7: This collectible is on the underside of the roof above the main entrance to the Lex Corp Tower (south side of the building). 

Central Business Riddler Trophy 8: This Riddler Trophy is in the head of the metal statue just south of Lex Corp Tower. 

Central Business Riddler Trophy 9: West of the metal statue is Metropolis East Bank Tower. Just beyond that are monorail tracks that go into a red building. Follow the tracks into the red building, then look up at the bottom side of the yellow lamp hanging in the middle of the building. The Trophy is hidden in the yellow fringe of the lamp. 

All Suicide Slums Riddler Trophies

Suicide Slums Riddler Trophy 1: This Riddler Trophy is in the northeastern portion of Suicide Slums, just southwest of the last Trophy in Central Business. You’ll find three white towers on the right side of the road with blue banners that say “Save Our Church.” The collectible is on the ceiling of the connecting hallway between the right and center towers.

Suicide Slums Riddler Trophy 2: From the last collectible, follow the road north and go into the tunnel. This one is on the left side of the tunnel, just around the curve. 

Suicide Slums Riddler Trophy 3: Go to the far southeastern corner of the Slums, to the bridge that connects the Slums with the Central Business District. Facing the bridge as it angles up to the STAGG sign, drop down on the left side. There’s a tower-like structure with pipes emerging from it on a ledge above the road beneath the bridge with the Trophy inside it on the ground.

All Centennial Park Riddler Trophies

Centennial Park Riddler Trophy 1: This one is just southeast of the last Trophy in the Suicide Slums, beneath the bridge connecting the Slums and the Central Business District. Look for the teal and white Palms building to your east along the low road (west of Metropolis Stadium). It has two gold entryways with The Palms in white letters. The trophy is on the underside of the high balcony along the street. 

Centennial Park Riddler Trophy 2: Go to Metropolis Stadium in the extreme northeastern corner of Centennial Park. There are two identical Justice Day signs in the back with the Justice League on them. It’s behind the right one (the northeast corner of the stadium). 

Centennial Park Riddler Trophy 3: This one is just southwest of the Stadium, outside the front gates. It’s on the ceiling of the ground-level covering beneath one of the triangular-shaped towers, where the monorail track bends at an angle on the map. 

Centennial Park Riddler Trophy 4: The next is at the top of the blue and white Kord Industries tower near the west entrance to the Park. The top of the tower has white symbols for electric car chagrin stations. This one clings to the northern wall near the very top. I caught a glimpse of this Trophy perfectly when coming from the east.

Centennial Park Riddler Trophy 5: This one is on the underside of the bridge at the Park’s southern entrance. The path leads to the Superman statue. It’s hidden by a pipe on the ceiling in the middle portion. 

All Bakerline Riddler Trophies

Bakerline Riddler Trophy 1: Look for the blue and white WGBS Tower south of the last Trophy in Centennial Park. Go to the roof of the building the tower’s on, then look up to the underside of the tower for the Riddler Trophy. 

Bakerline Riddler Trophy 2: Go 315 meters south toward the bridge. Just before the bridge, you’ll see an archway for Oak Town and the Hill Drive Fire Station, an orange brick building. You can drop down to the street below by the Fire Station, and you’ll see a mural of Superman and a digital sign that says Soder Cola at an overpass. The Trophy is on the wall to the right of that sign. 

Bakerline Riddler Trophy 3: Go west of the last Riddler Trophy, to where the monorail splits to go north and west. Barely along the western track, you’ll see a red building, Blaze Comics, with a huge Flash statue holding up an overhang off the roof (and FLASH written on the sides of the overhang). The collectible is on the ceiling of the overhang. 

Bakerline Riddler Trophy 4: Follow that road west to the Metropolis Police Station. Follow the curve around, past the steel Superman statue to see a sign over the road that says Hampstead. The Trophy is inside the sign on the right side. I shot it from underneath the sign. 

Bakerline Riddler Trophy 5: Go northeast 200 meters, traversing up over the building with the 24-hour valet sign from the last Trophy. Go to the northeast corner of the Sullivan building, where you also can get a Riddle. And drop all the way down to the street at the very bottom. Land, and look left to the underpass. The Trophy is on the underpass ceiling. 

Bakerline Riddler Trophy 6: Go dues west to the Daily Planet. This collectible is on the underside of the globe at the top of the building, on the north (right) side. 

All Wonderland District Riddler Trophies

Wonderland Riddler Trophy 1: This is one of the Riddler Trophies that took me the longest to find because it’s one of the most randomly placed. It’s in the southeastern portion of the district. Use the map to find the helipad east of the Daily Planet. Go to the helipad, then all the way down to the street below at the Lois Lane billboard. Then turn left and go north past the blue ambulance and under the archway. Look up and right just through the archway to see a column on a ledge to the right. The Trophy is by the column. 

Wonderland Riddler Trophy 2: Go west, to the large tower with the circular top with a cross through it, attached to the large zeppelin on the map. The middle of the (one level down from the top) is hollow. The Trophy is on the ceiling in this area yet again. 

Wonderland Riddler Trophy 3: There are three towers due north of the last collectible. Go to the central one on the map, between the two with the helipads; it’s blue and teal. Go to the west side of the tower and look at the wall above the door under the overhang. 

Wonderland Riddler Trophy 4: Go due west to the Ferris wheel on the beach. It’s on the second car from the bottom on the easter side of the wheel (the side closest to you). 

Wonderland Riddler Trophy 5: Go to the pier directly north of the Ferris wheel. This Riddler trophy is under the pier, on the ground against a pilon on the northern side. 

Wonderland Riddler Trophy 6: For the last Riddler Trophy, go due east from the pier, over Loomis Land, until you reach Tiki Land with a giant Tiki head. There’s a sign with fire on it that says Night Club. To the right of that is a small sign shaped like a martini glass. The Trophy is barely visible, stuck to it.

Those are all of the Riddler Trophies and their locations in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. For more tips and tricks, head over to our larger SSKJL guides hub here.  

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