Are you unsure on where to find Gurgleweed to craft a new Nightmare? This guide will point you in the right direction to finding that all-important weed.

How to Craft Nightmares in Rogue Islands (And Find the Gurgleweed To Do It)

Are you unsure on where to find Gurgleweed to craft a new Nightmare? This guide will point you in the right direction to finding that all-important weed.
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Rogue Islands is an FPS roguelike with Minecraft elements of exploration and mining. You take on the role of a Gnome who is attempting to defeat the five Lords of Torment and save both his race and the world from corruption.

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Like any true roguelike, multiple lives are rare. But in this game, you can bring Nightmares along with you to get a second chance after death. Nightmares act as an extra life, where upon death the player will respawn at the start of the level as long as they have one in their inventory. This guide gives you everything you need to know about how to craft Nightmares on Nightmare difficulty. 

How to Craft Nightmares in Rogue Islands

Required Materials for Crafting Nightmares

Nightmares are only available on Explorer and Nightmare difficulties. The materials required to craft a nightmare are dependent on which of these two modes you are playing. This guide covers Nightmare mode only, as the materials required to craft one are a bit more difficult to find than Explorer Mode’s common materials.

To craft a Nightmare in Nightmare difficulty, you need 2 Gurgleweeds and 50 spirit dust. The materials required to makethese useful items can be found from the first level and onward through the entire game. But where exactly is it?

Where to Find the Gurgleweed

Unlike the other materials in Rogue Islands, Gurgleweed is found underwater. Due to the mild rarity of the weed, it takes a bit of patience and persistence to find them. There are certain areas on the islands where these tend to spawn more than others.

What you are looking for is deep water — so the best places to look for Gurgleweed is around the tiny outer islands off the coast of the main island of each level. Exploring underwater around these islands occasionally results in finding a Gurgleweed.

You’ll recognize them by their three long green stems, each with three red pods at the tops of them (as shown in the image above). While the best places to search are at the coast of the main island, you can on rare occasions find them inland also. But they will only ever be in deep ponds or rivers. They will never spawn in shallow waters.

Once you have 2 Gurgleweeds and 50 spirit dust (which is obtained from defeating enemies), you will be able to craft a new nightmare.

Get Diving!

So what are you waiting for? Get diving into the deep waters of the many islands throughout the world of Rogue Islands and find those Gurgleweeds. And don’t forget to keep a regular stock of them in your inventory. With the many dangers lurking around every corner, you never know when you will be needing another Nightmare to bring to back to life.

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