How to Defend Against Whirlwinds in Dawn of War 3’s Late Game

How do you prevent a seemingly unstoppable attack from a Whirlwind in DoW3? Here are a few strategies and tips for staying alive in Dawn of War III's late game.

How do you prevent a seemingly unstoppable attack from a Whirlwind in DoW3? Here are a few strategies and tips for staying alive in Dawn of War III's late game.
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If you’ve been playing Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, you know how deadly a late game Whirlwind attack can be. Since Space Marines run the risk of being overpowered by opponents on the battlefield, developers created the Whirlwind to even the odds. The tank has a standard Rhino chassis, which is less sturdy than other tanks available for Space Marines. However, what it lacks in resilience it makes up for two-fold with its long-range Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher.

But that can make it a true (and aggravating) menace on the battlefield. 

However, as overpowering as this tank may seem, it does have its weaknesses. We’re going to go over some strategies to get past the Whirlwind’s Missile Barrage so that you can achieve ultimate DoW3 glory.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Whirlwind
  • Cost: 145 Requisition
  • Power: 345
  • Vehicle Population: 2
  • Hit Points: 1000
  • Melee Damage: 0 
  • Ranged Damage: 27-33 
  • Bonus Damage Against Buildings: Up to 6x 

The main thing going for this tank is its long range accuracy. If you are caught in its target acquisition system, it may spell death for you. At a distance, the Whirlwind does incredible damage — this is where it is most effective. If properly protected by the front line, this tank can seem unstoppable.

Like all tanks in DoW3, its main weakness is being attacked from behind. To make up for its ranged deadliness, its health is lower than other tanks in the game. In order to stop a Whirlwind attack, you will need to get within its minimum range and try to attack it from the rear. Different players have their own strategies to achieve this goal, and we’re going to go over a few different strategies for each class.

Defeating the Whirlwind

The general strategy for all races is generally the same: don’t let the Whirlwind start firing. Use your stealth unit to scout for hidden Whirlwinds and send out skimmers to take them down before they can begin their ranged attack. However, for each race, there are tools to get by its vicious offense.

Space Marines: Use a Dreadnought. With its immense melee damage, this heavy walker vehicle will be your best weapon against a Whirlwind. If you can get within its minimum range, a well-timed attack will drain the Whirlwind’s health to almost nothing. Send in your Assault Marine Squad (preferably upgraded with Meta Bomb) and finish the Whirlwind off.

Orks: The Deff Dread is the Ork equivalent of the Space Marine Dreadnought. This walker vehicle is best in melee combat, which makes it your most effective tool against a Whirlwind. Using its temporary shield, use the added speed to get within the minimum range of the Whirlwind.

Eldars: This one might be the tough, as your infantry unit is not as effective against vehicles as other clans. Your best bet would be to use the speed of the Wraithlord to your advantage if you have it. Be careful though, because it is not as strong as the Dreadnought.

Do you have a different strategies for taking down Whirlwinds? Let us know in the comments below! 

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