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How to Disable Guardian Statues in Nine Sols

Here's how to disable and deactivate guardian statues in Nine Sols.

Throughout the early game of Nine Sols, starting right after you exit the Four Seasons Pavilion, you’ll see a lot of stone robot guards. These statues are invulnerable to damage, so beginners are wondering how to turn them off. Here’s how to disable guardian statues in Nine Sols.

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How to Deactivate Guardian Statues in Nine Sols

To disable robot guard statues in Nine Sols, you have to parry them with either a Tai-Chi air parry or a regular parry, depending on the robot. Either way, once you parry the guardian statues, they’ll be disabled for a few seconds, and you will need to interact with them and hack them. There are two versions of the robot guard, where one will make a Crimson attack and glow green, so you have to jump on it and go to Tai-Chi parry. The other just does a regular attack that can be parried on the ground.

Once you disable and deactivate a guardian statue, either a door will open, you’ll gain access to a secret, etc. I would also like to point out that if you see doors with something like three blue circular symbols on them, these mean there are three Guardian Statues that need to be disabled. You’ll often find doors like these where you have to track down and disable multiple statues to progress.

Guardian Statues can also be hidden behind secret walls. For example, the picture above shows the secret chest in the Central Transport Hub, which requires you to find two hidden Guardian Statues. That’s why I would always be on the lookout for walls you can break or pass through. In short, if you see a door with several blue circular symbols on it, there are hidden Guardian Statues in that area.

That’s it for my guide on how to deactivate guardian statues in Nine Sols. For more Nine Sols guides, check out how to increase Jade slot capacity.

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