How to Download Silent Hill: The Short Message and Install Size

Racing home today to grab the new Silent Hill game for PS5? Here are a few things to know before you jump in.

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Shadow-dropped during the January 31 State of Play, Silent Hill: The Short Message is a PlayStation 5 freebie that serves as a teaser for the impending revival of Konami’s long-dormant Silent Hill franchise. If you’re interested, here’s where you should go to find it.

Where to Find Silent Hill: The Short Message on the PlayStation Store

Silent Hill: The Short Message is a free download from the PlayStation Store, published by Konami and developed by the Japanese indie developer HexaDrive. It’s currently a digital exclusive for the PlayStation 5. As such, it isn’t available for any other systems or platforms, including the PlayStation 4.

You can find The Short Message on the PS5 store by searching for its name or by checking out the State of Play roundup that, at the time of writing, is front and center on the PS5’s store app. A colleague of mine had to search for most of the game’s title to find it. The download takes up 12.15GB in total.

The PS5 store page for Silent Hill: The Short Message with download buttons and size.
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What is Silent Hill: The Short Message?

Like almost everything these days, The Short Message was leaked ahead of time, although it was relatively subtle this time. Sharp-eyed fans might’ve noticed that it received ratings from both South Korea and Australia over the course of the last year and a half. On the other hand, given the furor over SH-adjacent projects like Ascension, it’s understandable if you missed it.

Short Message is a first-person game set in Germany and stars Anita, who’s trapped inside a derelict building in an attempt to find her friend Maya. It starts with a long, heartfelt, and entirely necessary content warning on the subjects of self-harm and suicide. While those aren’t new territory for Silent Hill, it’s worth mentioning for newcomers to the series. These games can be seriously dark.

That’s what you might be wondering before you jump into the new Silent Hill standalone game (that doesn’t have any trophies). We’re playing it now ourselves and will check back in with further details as required.

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