How to Upgrade to Elite Weapons and Gear in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Eliting weapons is key to endgame progression in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

Toyman meeting the Suicide Squad
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The endgame of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is all about gear upgrades. One of the most important customization options available is the Elite system. But how does it work? Here, I’ll tell you how to Elite Weapons and get the materials you need.

What Does Upgrading to Elite Weapons do in Kill the Justice League?

Eliting an item in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League
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What does Eliting a weapon in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League do? It lets you reroll every Augment on your weapons. Normally, modifying a weapon’s Augments locks you out of upgrading other Augments, only allowing you to alter that specific Augment. If you use the regular Modify system on the Green Uncommon Augment, you can only upgrade that one Augment forever. When you Elite a weapon, you can change any of the non-Unique Augments at your leisure, provided you have the materials to do so.

How to Elite Weapons in Kill the Justice League

The Toyman mission that unlocks Eliting
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To Elite a weapon in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, complete Toyman’s Support Squadmate Questline. Then, get Nth Metal by killing Brainiac and completing Elseworld incursions. Next, go to Toyman and select the Elite option from his vendor screen. In the Eliting menu, choose the weapon you want to Elite. Hold down the Space Bar or X (PS5) or A (Xbox) button. Once the progress circle fills, the weapon Elites. You can go into the Modify screen and change your Augments as often as you like.

How to get Nth Metal in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League
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Toyman is one of the main vendors in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. He has one of the longest Support Squad questlines, but the reward is worth the grind. You unlock Eliting when you complete it. next, you must find Nth Metal by killing Braniac and completing Elseworld incursions. Nth Metal is by far the rarest material in Kill the Justice League. The only source of it is the Incursion missions you unlock after completing the main story campaign. You get 1 Nth Metal per incursion, making the resource exceedingly valuable.

How to Get Materials to Elite Weapons: Credits, Precious Alloys, Crystals, Technology, and Intertron

A source of materials in Metropolis
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There are five materials and one currency to farm for Elite weapons. I’ve already discussed Nth Metal, which is only available from Elseworld missions in the Endgame before Season 1’s official launch, and whatever activities might provide it from there.

Additionally, you need these materials in massive quantities to Elite and Modify your best weapons: Credits, Precious Alloys, Coluan Crystals, B-Technology, and Intertron. Farming these materials is simple, and you gauge their scarcity by their color. Precious Alloys are Uncommon Green. Coluan Crystals are Rare Blue. B-Technology pieces are Epic Purple. And Intertron Legendary Yellow.

Complete Open World Activities by taking down rooftop emplacements and other repeatable encounters — Bug Out, Smash and Grab, etc. — that reward a fair amount of all materials. They’re also relatively quick to do and pop up regularly across the map during the story and in the endgame.

Complete Contracts. Another of the game’s infinitely repeatable activities, Contracts reward a small amount of at least one of the materials you need. I turn in Contracts as I complete them to have an infinite supply of resources. I also take advantage of the Daily Bonus for completing three contracts. That rewards x7 Precious Alloys, x3 Coluan Crystals, x2 B-Technology, and x2 Intertron.

Dismantle Gear. Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is a looter shooter, so you come across a ton of useless gear. Dismantling your gear awards materials from that gear’s rarity and below. Dismantling a Legendary weapon, for instance, provides every material type. Dismantling a piece of Green gear only provides Precious Alloys.

Story and Endgame Missions. Both the story campaign and endgame Incursion missions award a bounty of materials. Complete them to get your first several Elite weapons.

When Should You Elite Weapons in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League?

When should you start Eliting your weapons and gear? The answer is complicated. The simple answer is not until you reach the endgame and can target farm Infamous gear. Like most loot games, build crafting doesn’t fully start here until you can reliably collect and optimize gear sets. I don’t recommend Limiting anything until you’ve defeated Brainiac at the end of the campaign and entered Finite Crisis.

Even then, I hoarded my Nth Metal until I had a few powerful gear pieces or weapons to drop. Spending your materials without caution doesn’t go far. It’s liable to leave you hanging when you need them most. Credits are the most important material overall, as they are very easy to spend en masse. I’ve suddenly found myself cash-poor and grinding for no good reason.

Of course, if you like Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League and don’t mind farming for materials, then don’t let me stop you from upgrading Elite weapons and gear you fancy. It technically makes buildcrafting more comfortable, even if you don’t have the most optimized stuff. You can always Overhaul your gear and modify it later. For more content on Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, check out our guides hub.

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