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How to Enhance Equipment in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Check out our Dragon's Dogma 2 equipment enhancing guide for more information about boosting your gear.

You’ll unlock the ability to enhance equipment soon after reaching the capital of Vernworth. This is one of the main ways to boost your offensive and defensive stats. Here’s how to enhance equipment in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Equipment Enhancing Guide

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While you’ll be getting tons of enhancing materials early on, you unlock enhancing equipment later by talking to Bjorn or Roderick in Vernworth. To enhance equipment:

  • Go to the town’s square.
  • Talk to either Roderick in his Smithy or Bjorn in his Armory (They’re right next to each other).
  • Select the “Enhance Equipment” dialogue option.
  • Choose whether you want to enhance your weapon or a specific armor piece.
  • If you have all the requirements (gold and/or materials), press Confirm (X on PS5).

This will fill in one of the three enhancing slots and boost a weapon’s damage stat or an armor’s defensive stats. Essentially, this means that it can be enhanced only three times. The first upgrade requires only gold, while the second and third require various enhancing materials.

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I found that the most efficient way to enhance gear is to wait until you buy the best weapons and armor that either Bjorn or Roderick have on offer. Then, only enhance these pieces so you don’t waste resources by enhancing weaker gear you’ll replace after an hour of gameplay.

Note: Bjorn’s and Roderick’s shops will update once you unlock the Warrior and Sorcerer with better pieces of gear for all vocations.

Styles of Smithing in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Furthermore, there’s also the smithing style system. Each country in Dragon’s Dogma 2 has its own style of enhancing equipment signified by its crests. For example, the first style you’ll come across is Vermundian, which boosts all weapon and armor stats equally but to a moderate extent.

Once you reach Battahl and talk to their blacksmiths, you can enhance your equipment in their style. This fills one of the three gear slots with their crest. While you can mix and match crests from different countries to see what suits you best, remember that you can only have up to three enhancements (crests) on a single piece of gear.

That concludes my guide on how to enhance equipment in Dragon’s Dogma 2. I would also browse around our Dragon’s Dogma 2 library for more guides on the game like best pawns to hire or how to increase inventory size.

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