How to Farm, Buy Legendary Gear in Outriders

Legendary weapons and armor take your Outriders builds to new heights. Find out the best current way to get your hands them.

Legendary weapons and armor take your Outriders builds to new heights. Find out the best current way to get your hands them.

The most powerful builds in Outriders often rely on the game’s most powerful equipment: legendary rarity weapons and armor sets. Getting your hands on the best weapons for a majority of the game isn’t easy, and getting the best legendaries is even harder and will take you significant time. But there are legendary farms you can use to make the process easier and simpler.

This farming guide goes over the three core methods for farming legendaries in Outriders. Be aware that you’ll spend hours using even these most efficient methods, and there’s no telling if they may be patched out in the future. 

The Best Legendary Farm in Outriders

As we mentioned in our boss farming article, completing the Hunt, Historian, and Bounty sidequests reward a guaranteed legendary item.

This is true no matter how many times you complete these questlines, and as of writing, if you follow these steps, you’ll be swimming in top-tier gear.

Note: Hunts are by far the easiest and most efficient quests. While you could complete all three of these simultaneously as you move across the map, you’ll be spending much more time than simply focusing on Hunts. You will average one Legendary every half hour or so on Hunts alone. That number goes into the sky if you do all thirty Hunt, Bounty, and Historian quests simultaneously.

Previously, players could farm these multiple times because of a multiplayer exploit; Square Enix and People Can Fly have since patched that method out. 

Other Sources of Legendary Weapons and Armor

Outside of Hunt and sidequest farming, Outriders offers a few endgame-centric methods of getting the good stuff. Just don’t expect them to be simple or consistent.


Endgame progression for legendaries exists outside of the story mode World Tier system. You’ll be leveling Challenge Tiers to take on harder and harder Expeditions, and you won’t have a chance at a Legendary drop until Challenge Tier 8. The chance is minuscule at first, barely more than 1%.

You need to achieve gold on the Expedition for the highest probability, and without the proper gear and experience, that’s no guarantee. Even at Challenge Tiers 12 and 13, golding a mission hardly awards 15% legendary drop chance, giving no guarantee you’ll get anything good for all that effort.

Expeditions are a better option from a time and materials perspective, as well-kitted and skilled players can complete the toughest in 15 minutes or so. The catch is that you’ll be plowing your way through hundreds of high-level enemies in a gauntlet to end all gauntlets with no guarantee of anything valuable at the end. That is, besides trash loot and a token amount of drop pod currency.

If your luck is terrible, even Challenge Tier 15’s 25% Gold drop chance — the highest Outriders currently offers — might still net you diddly followed by squat. Couple the immense effort and almost certain frustration, and it’s a rough go of it. 

Buying Directly from Tiago

You don’t need to finish every Expedition at Gold to have a chance at a few legendaries. Tiago, the second gear vendor at camp, trades exclusively in drop pod Supplies, the currency you acquire when you finish an Expedition.

Starting out, you’ll be hurting for supplies, but make it past Challenge Tier 10 or so, and there will be no shortage. Be aware that Tiago’s inventory gets more and more expensive the farther you progress into the endgame. It won’t matter if you can consistently gold- or even silver-medal your high-tier Expeditions. As Tiago’s inventory starts to rotate, you’ll have plenty to spend your Supplies on.

That’s currently how to farm legendaries in Outriders. You can technically get them as part of a boss fight or randomly throughout the world, but the chances there are dismal, and the time investment for suboptimal builds is equally terrible. Hunts and other sidequests are the best ways, but head into Expeditions and random campaign material as a break. For more tips and tricks, consider heading over to our Outriders guides page

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