How to Farm Challenge Coins in World War Z

Want a more reliable way to earn challenge coins in World War Z? Here's a good farming method.

Want a more reliable way to earn challenge coins in World War Z? Here's a good farming method.

If you’re looking to purchase some weapon upgrades or cosmetics in World War Z, you’re going to need some challenge coins. These coins can be unlocked through playing Challenge Mode, as well as by doing Extreme Mode runs. This guide will detail how to farm challenge coins using the latter.

Extreme Mode runs are more reliable and consistent, and with practice, will earn you challenge coins faster and faster.

How to Farm Challenge Coins in World War Z

Load up the third of the New York missions, Hell and High Water in Extreme Mode, the most difficult in World War Z.

Be sure to be offline and playing with bots, using a fixer character with the Night Owl and Knock Knock perks. You do not require any other players to do this method, and the bots will do a lot of the work for you.

Work your way through the first part of the mission silently, up to the first horde defense. Stay crouched and keep making headshots, so as to avoid alerting the zombies. If things go awry, drop a masking grenade and run. When you reach the first horde defense, rest up and heal. Scavenge the area and find as much equipment as you can.

Climb up on top of the train and set up a turret next to the button. On the ground level, closest to the turret, set up a voltage grid if you found one.

Set up any other defenses you can and press the button to start the horde. Fend off the zombies for a few minutes, until you’re told to press the button a second time. Do so.

Immediately book it to the next area in. When you reach the second turn after dropping down into the sewers, be careful as there will likely be a creeper around the corner.

Continue on and press the button to respawn all your dead bots and find an ammo crate. If a horde spawns now, stay close to the crate and you should be able to make it through it. 

When you reach the museum, go through it stealthily like the first area. When you reach the safe room, press the next button, then pick up the equipment charge on the ground just after the gate. It will be against the fence, either in front of you or two the left, so make sure to grab it. When you come to the section with the mines, blow them up and run past the turrets; don’t want your time hacking them.

After that, you will reach the last horde area. Scavenge the area for more equipment then head toward the winch. Set up the automatic turret next to the winch if you found one, some barbwire next to your turret, the voltage grid next to it as well, and a second turret nearby if possible. You want as much defense as you can muster up.

When you’re ready, start the winch and stay near the voltage grid. Provide support to your bots, who will do most of the killing. Use your masking grenades if you need to, and keep an eye on the winch, as at two separate points in the fight, some zombies will spawn there.

Simply finish off the horde then get on the boat to earn yourself 1000 credits and 15 blue challenge coins.

Of course, if you find yourself getting sick of playing the same level over and over, you can also earn some challenge coins in World War Z‘s Challenge Mode, though the Extreme Mode challenge is certainly the place to start. Check out our other World War Z guides here on GameSkinny.

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