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How to Find All Forest Mother Altars in Vampire Dynasty

To complete an Achievement in Vampire Dynasty, you need to find the Forest Mother Altars.

There are a variety of altars you can come across in Vampire Dynasty. Worshipped in the small village where you begin your journey, the Forest Mother has multiple altars scattered across the land. This is how to find all Forest Mother altars in the Vampire Dynasty.

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Where to Find All Forest Mother Altars in Vampire Dynasty

To earn the Worshipper Steam achievement, you have to visit 5 altars of the Forest Mother. These are wooden structures found in the wilds of the area, with one of them located right in the village. They often have animal remains at the base, an arch above them, and a bundle of purple flowers hanging from the top.

The map below shows where you’ll find all the altars. There are only three stars because the middle one is for the Abandoned Quarry. The quarry itself doesn’t have a more detailed map, but three of the altars are found in it.

You can visit the altars by walking up to them. I interacted with each, either gathering the carcasses or hitting them, just to be on the safe side.

The first altar is a bit off the beaten path in the Abandoned Quarry. When you reach Vadim’s camp, you want to head to the right instead of across the bridge when you follow him down the hill. Continue through the trees and up a small hill to find the altar towards the end of this offshoot.

Abandoned Quarry Forest Mother altar.
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The second altar you come upon is right after you’re woken by Vadim, and you find his camp, but before you reach the Sinner’s Chasm. This is the most floral-looking of all the altars.

Abandoned Quarry Forest Mother altar.
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The third altar is found at the end of Sinner’s Chasm, past the ledge that leads up to the Fields of Medresti. It can be seen as you come out of the cave where the thief is. Stick to the left side of the pathway, and you’ll end up right at it.

Sinner's Chasm Forest Mother altar.
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The fourth Forest Mother altar is easy to find as it’s right in the center of the village. You’ll pass it at the crossroads, where all village roads lead, on your way to Vadim’s house.

Medrest Forest Mother altar.
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The last altar is found on the outskirts of town, back towards the Abandoned Quarry. This time, stay on the road that leads east through the fields. You’ll see the altar near an intersection close to the three windmills in the Fields of Medresti.

Fields of Medresti Forest Mother altar.
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Those are the locations for all five of the Forest Mother altars in theVampire Dynasty. For more on the open-world title, run over to our Vampire Dynasty guides hub.

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