How to find all the totems in Until Dawn

Want to find all those mystical totems in Until Dawn? Then look no further!

Want to find all those mystical totems in Until Dawn? Then look no further!

Are you tired of searching the snow-covered mountain for totems? Noticed one missing from your log? Below I have listed all the totems for Until Dawn by chapters. Also, I have uploaded images to show each totems’ location in-game. You’re welcome!

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Death Totem #1







This one is pretty easy to find. When Beth turns on the flashlight on her phone, this totem is on the path shortly afterward.

Chapter 1

Guidance Totem #1






During the first chapter tutorial, Sam will automatically interact with this totem on the way to the cable car. 

Chapter 2

Guidance Totem #2





Immediately after you take control of Chris at the start of the second chapter, turn around and walk towards the camera. The totem can be found near where Matt is standing.

Loss Totem #1







When Chris enters the garage after given the lighter by Josh, this totem is near a bookcase.

Danger Totem #1







With Chris and Jessica, you come across a small shed that houses a generator needing to be powered on to move forward. Right before the shed, the totem is sitting on the ground to the left. 

Fortune Totem #1







After Chris stops the mine cart, take the path to the right. The totem is at the end of the path.

Loss Totem #2







After leaving the mine, take the left path when you come to the first fork in the road. The totem is waiting to be picked at the end.

Chapter 3

Danger Totem #2







When you resume control of Mike, you’ll come to a broken-down truck, make a left, jand you will find the totem.

Guidance Totem #3







When you reach the point where Jessica scares Mike, keep heading up the path. You will find this totem before you reach the bridge.

Chapter 4

Guidance Totem #4







After the QTE chase sequence where Mike runs after Jessica, he drops down into an abandoned mine. The totem is resting near the staircase.

Death Totem #4







When Chris is searching for Ashley, take the left path when it splits on the way to the shed. If you’re following the clues guide, it’s near the pig’s head.

Loss Totem #3







When you reach the shed as Chris, head around the back and down a small path. You will reach a somewhat enclosed and very dark area. The totem is resting here. 

Chapter 5

Fortune Totem #2







At the beginning of chapter 5, Mike will enter into the courtyard of the sanatorium. Near the front gates lies the totem. 

Loss Totem #4







Remember the metal plate from the cutscene? Move the plate to gain access to the basement of the sanatorium. Once inside, to the left will be an offset with a moveable barrel. The totem is nearby the barrel. 

Death Totem #3







When Mike gains access to the pistol, blow off the lock to a door in the back of the chapel. In this room will be a large staircase with surrounding stained glass windows. Before you descend the staircase, check the left corner of the room to find the totem. 

Death Totem #2







When the game switches control over to Matt, Matt and Emily will be near the cable car station. Another totem can be found near the benches by where Jessica and Mike’s snowball fight took place earlier. 

Guidance Totem #5







After maneuvering Matt and Emily around the edge of the station, the totem is on the ground nearby once you’ve reached safety. 

Fortune Totem #3







Once Matt and Emily head across the long wooden walkway, there will be a fork in the path. Near a small cluster of trees, the totem is waiting to be picked up. 

Chapter 6

Guidance Totem #6






When you take control of Emily, her and Matt will have reached the entrance of the fire tower. The totem is right in front of the entrance in the snow. 

 Chapter 7

Death Totem #5






In chapter 7, when you take control of Emily in the mines, there will be a mine cart she can activate to break through a wooden barrier. In this room, in the far corner, this totem will be sitting near a collapsed portion of the tunnel. 

Danger Totem #3






When Emily brings back power to the elevator, lower her down from the walkway. The totem is near a wooden structure. 

Chapter 8

Fortune Totem #4






At the beginning of chapter 8, you will once again be controlling Emily as she heads through the mines. Emily can drop down to a lower area with wooden structures. The totem will be near these structures.

Chapter 9

Danger Totem #4







Once again, we take control of Mike in the sanotarium. As you’ve already visited this area, you’ll notice a new door. Once inside this small room, the totem awaits your grasp. 

Danger Totem #5






Once you gain control of Ashley as the gang explores the tunnels, keep an eye out for a small alcove on the left. Inside this alcove, the totem should be there. 

Loss Totem #5






At one point, Ashely will have to make a choice: to stick with the group or follow a noise. If Ashely chooses to follow the noise, the totem is found after heading left down a dark path.

Death Totem #6






When you gain control of Sam, you’ll have to climb a rock wall. After conquering the wall, head towards the stairs. When you reach a fork, turn left, and the totem should be on the path. 

Chapter 10

Fortune Totem #5





Before wading through the water with Sam and Mike, make sure to grab the nearby totem by the ledge.

Fortune Totem #6






When Josh and Mike are attempting to leave the mines, this totem is near the beginning on the left. 

Loss Totem #6






After Matt reunites with Jessica in the mines, walk toward the camera when you see a mine cart rails. The totem will be at the end. 

Danger Totem #6






After exiting the mines as Sam, keep to your right when the path splits. Near when the two sides meet, the final totem will be waiting.

If you need help with finding clues, check out my clue guide for Until Dawn!

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