Entrance to the Temple of Roots
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How to Find and Enter the Temple of Roots in Palia

Getting into the Temple of Roots in Palia isn't as easy as walking through the door.

The final temple to become activated in Palia is the earth elemental temple, the Temple of Roots. You may have seen it while exploring Bahari Bay, a piece of ruin built into the land like a ramp.

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Getting into the Temple of Roots is no easy matter. The last of the elemental ruins, gaining access to it a feat upon itself. This is how to find and enter the Temple of Roots in Palia.

How to Find the Temple of Roots in Palia

The easiest way to find the Temple of Roots is to go to the bay through your home plot. Run to the back of the plot, where you’ll find the walkway to Bahari Bay. Once loaded, head southeast to the ruins.

If you’re already in Bahari Bay, the Central Stables fast travel point is the fastest way to get there. Then go northeast as if you were heading to Thorny Thicket. See the image below for help.

Temple of Roots map location in Bahari Bay.
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How to Enter the Temple of Roots in Palia

Even when you find the Temple of Roots, you won’t be able to get in. The door is sealed even though a Flow Battery was inserted into it. To enter the Temple of Roots, you need to talk to Einar. He’ll send you a letter in the mail, asking to meet him as soon as possible.

Unable to enter Temple of Roots due to locked door.
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When you do chat with the Galdur Einar, he’ll assign you three quests: Keeper of Waves, Keeper of Gales, and Keeper of Flames. You need to disengage the override the Temple of Roots has in place by visiting three human ruins of the keepers, each associated with a temple you’ve already visited.

To begin, speak with villagers who may be able to show you the way to the newly activated ruins. The people you want are the ones who visited the temples with you previously. For the Keeper of Waves, you want to speak with Jina and Hekla. Keeper of Flames is Hassian and Sifuu, while Keeper of Gales is Zeki and the twins.

You don’t need to speak with all of them. Sifuu knows where the flames override is, Caleri the gales, and Hekla the waves. If you’d rather, you can skip all the chit chat and just go to the override locations. Inside, you’ll need to enter a login code to access each system.

Keeper of Waves

Keeper of Waves override map location.
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The Keeper of Waves override is found near Mirror Pond Ruins in Kilima Valley. Inside, you’ll find the override orb, as well as three slates. One of the slates will give you the code for the login, which is the answer to “What is Hephaestus’ nickname?”

Hephaestus’ nickname is Asta. You can find the answer in the very first slate on the left desk as you enter.

Keeper of Gales

This is the hardest override ruin to find out of the three. You need to head to the Hideaway Bluffs geysers and go down into the mineshaft. You want to be at near the geyser closest to the Hideaway Bluffs ruins, not the one closest to Beachcomber Cove.

Hidden entrance for the Keeper of Gales override.
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When facing down the mineshaft, there’s a small opening to the left side. The wind symbol will be on the rocks in front of it. Go through the opening, then climb up the side of the wall. You’ll end up in another hallway with the override chamber at the end.

The three slates in this area are all found on the first floor. The one on the right desk has the answer to “Look to the Capital.” This isn’t meant for you to input the capital of the kingdom, but enter the capitalized letters in the order they appear in the note.

The answer to Look to the Capital is ACER.

Keeper of Flames

Keeper of Flames and Keeper of Gales override map locations.
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The Keeper of Flames override is found in the aqueduct system near the Bahari Bay Central Stables fast travel spot. Climb up the hill to the tower connected to the system by a bridge. Head inside the grate to find the override.

The slate here is found behind the Phoenix statue. I dropped down from the second story onto the statue to find it. The note details Hephaestus’ daily life and his dog. The question to answer is Dog’s Friend?

Hephaestus’ dog’s friend is Cato.

With the final override disengaged, you need to return to Einar. Both Galdur will join you as you explore the Temple of Roots, which you can now enter.

That’s how to find and enter the Temple of Roots in Palia. If you’re looking for help finding flower seeds, making it through the Temple of Gales, or befriending villagers, check out our guide hub.

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